'The Bachelor': Alayah Returns to Spill the Tea on Victoria and Her Ex Chase Rice

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She's baaaaaack! 

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again -- at least if your name is Alayah. Though she didn't get a rose on last week's episode of The Bachelor, the beauty queen refused to take no for an answer. She popped right back into our lives on Monday's episode of the ABC dating show, telling Peter Weber that he had been manipulated into sending her home. 

Peter, who was clearly distraught after sending her home the first time, welcomed Alayah back into the house with open arms and a rose. It was wonderfully dramatic, but the true blessing was the real-world knowledge that Alayah had obtained while she was out of the house about Victoria F. and her ex, Chase Rice.

This week, Victoria F. got a one-on-one date with Peter, but because it's The Bachelor, her ex, Chase, was the scheduled musical guest. (Read his thoughts on it all here.)

"He was singing to me and making these faces at me. He told me he didn't want me to come on the show. He didn't want me to come on here!" Victoria F. tearfully told a producer -- though Chase told ET he and Victoria F. only went out "once." 

Victoria F. ended up hashing it out with Chase, who gave her his blessing to find love with Peter and to be honest about their past. Then, on the night portion of the date, Victoria F. set the record straight.

"We dated, but I broke it off with him because his lifestyle doesn't really match up to what I want, and I knew I wanted to give this a try with you," she said. 

Peter gave Victoria F. a rose in the end, and had a "laugh" over how they made out in front of her ex. Then Alayah popped back into the house days later and told the other women all about what she had seen concerning Victoria and Chase on the Internet. 

The women, interestingly, took Victoria F.'s side, ganging up against Alayah and confronting Peter at the cocktail party for letting her back onto the show. 

During a December interview with ET, host Chris Harrison teased that where Victoria F. goes this season, drama follows. 

"There are a lot of firsts with her and ...some of it is self-induced, some of it just happens to her," he explained.

When asked if she's a villain, Harrison admitted, "I don't know if she's the season villain, but I think she ends up as one, yeah."

"I guess it's hard to pin her as a quote-unquote villain, because there's a lot of layers, a lot of interesting dramatic layers to this season with a lot of these women," he added. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT. See more in the video below. 


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