'The Hills' Cast Reveals What Lauren Conrad Thinks of the Reboot (Exclusive)

The reboot premieres premieres Monday, June 24 on MTV. 

The new cast of The Hills is opening up about Lauren Conrad.

ET's Katie Krause recently spoke with the stars of the reboot series, aptly titled The Hills: New Beginnings, where they dished on what Conrad, an original cast member who will not appear on the show, thinks of its second life.

The only cast members to reach out to the 33-year-old designer before signing on to the series were Frankie Delgado and his wife, Jennifer Acosta.

"Lauren's a really close friend of Jennifer's. She's a sweetheart. I think she wants what's best for us. I think she's that kind of person. She wishes me the best," Delgado told ET. "I don't think she has anything against the show. I think... she's moved on to bigger and better things."

Though she didn't reach out to Conrad like Delgado, Whitney Port did manage to get a read on how Conrad felt about the series coming back to TV.

"I didn't talk to her, but I feel like I talked to someone that knows her and I think she was still really excited for us all to do it. And she's in such a different place in her life, you know?" Port said, before referencing Conrad's second pregnancy with her husband, William Tell. " Like, I think she's probably just feeling like, I don't know, she's about to have a baby, wants some quiet time at home. Hopefully, she'll watch and be entertained by it." 

Meanwhile, Audrina Patridge revealed that "no one's really talked to [Conrad] since the finale," because "we all went our complete separate ways," which is how both Brody Jenner and Jason Wahler looked at the situation as well.

"I haven't talked to Lauren in quite some time," Jenner said. "It's been years. I run into her every few years here and there, just seeing her out and stuff." 

"For me, because everybody's in such a different stage in their life, the big focus for me was I want to focus on my family. I'm married. I have a kid now," Wahler said. "[I] wish her obviously the best of luck and she's doing great and congratulations to her and her family, but I really kept it to us and what we're doing." 


Ahead of the show's premiere on Monday night, MTV dropped the first three minutes of the new episode, which gave a major sneak peek at all the drama that's to come this season.

"I knew Spencer was my soulmate the night I met him," Heidi Montag says in a voiceover of her husband of more than 10 years. "It's really easy to get caught up in, like, Hollywood and the fame and success."

"I would love to be famous again," Spencer Pratt adds.

Meanwhile, Patridge's 2018 divorce from Corey Bohan is likely to take center stage, with the 34-year-old reality star saying, "It's hard enough going through a divorce, it's harder [with] everyone judging and knowing intimate details that you don't want everyone to know."

It looks like there may be some love in the air for Patridge, though, as the clip shows her reuniting with her ex, Justin Bobby Brescia. "I don't think that was the love of your life," he tells her over dinner. "I think it's just getting started." 

At the same time, Jenner talks about settling down while clips of him and his wife, Kaitlynn Carter, arguing play in the background, and new cast member Mischa Barton tries to figure out who she can trust.

The biggest drama this season appears to be from the siblings, as the sneak peek shows Spencer and Stephanie Pratt getting into a screaming match, which ends with him yelling, "You're not my family. You're the most self-centered human ever." 

The Hills: New Beginnings premieres Monday, June 24 on MTV.