Tom Brady Gives Matthew Stafford Some Hilarious Advice to Avoid Partying Too Hard

Brady gave the L.A. Rams quarterback some advice after his drunken celebrations following his 2021 Super Bowl win.

Tom Brady has some advice for Super Bowl LVI-winning quarterback, Matthew Stafford

Brady responded after the NFL tweeted a video of the Los Angeles Rams star enjoying a cigar and some drinks on a bus ahead of the teams' victory parade Wednesday.

"Mix in a water Matt…trust me," Brady urged, alluding to his drunken post Super Bowl celebrations in 2021 when he and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took home the trophy.

The quarterback's wife, Kelly, responded to Brady's advice, first joking that she wished the football legend would've given her husband that message a day ahead of the Rams' big parade, and later to confirm that Stafford did not in fact throw any water into the mix.

"Yeppppp..ya'll could've guessed it...there was zero water mixed in and ya know what...," Kelly wrote on her Instagram Stories. "FINALLY. Ya'll get a taste of "not so professional" matthew."


Brady addressed his Super Bowl stumble in an interview with James Corden during an appearance on The Late Late Show last March where he shared what he was thinking when he tossed his prized Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another during a waterway parade in Florida.

"First of all, I was not thinking at that moment," Brady said after Corden played a clip of the risky toss. "There was not a thought. It was just, 'This seems like really fun to do!'"

Luckily, the coveted trophy was caught by teammate Cameron Brate, and Brady said was was "so happy" for Brate's trophy-handling skills.

Corden then played a clip of Brady after the players got off their parade boats, and the celebrated quarterback appeared to be unable to walk without help from a teammate, as he stumbled off the dock.

"Is this sea legs or, dare I say it, a touch of tequila?" Corden asked.

"Oh man, well, I think a little of both," Brady said. "I will say it was a moment of celebration."

Whether he takes Brady's advice or not, Stafford has a lot to celebrate and he's definitely earned the right to let loose.

On Sunday, the Rams beat out the Cincinnati Bengals, becoming just the second team in NFL history to win a Lombardi Trophy in their home stadium.

Winning inside SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles won the second Super Bowl in franchise history after capturing Super Bowl XXXIV over the Tennessee Titans in 1999.