Why Kristen Stewart Was Initially Nervous to Work With Fiancée Dylan Meyer

The 'Spencer' star revealed that, in the end, working together resulted in real magic.

Kristen Stewart had some apprehension -- at first, anyway -- about mixing business with pleasure. Her fear? A blemish to her "beautiful relationship" with fiancée Dylan Meyer.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the Spencer star revealed that she and Meyer, a screenwriter, have been working on a TV project together. Stewart is slated to star on the show in the works, but Stewart didn't exactly jump in head first because there was a bit of fear that working together might make the relationship go "sideways."

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari/Vanity Fair

"You don't want that to affect this beautiful relationship you have," Stewart told Vanity Fair. Ultimately, Stewart and Meyer (Loose Ends, XOXO, Miss 2059) trusted their relationship, and in the process of writing the first episode together unlocked a power that exists among them as collaborators.

"Like we discovered a superbrain," she said. "She's a really genuinely brilliant f**king screenwriter."

That superbrain -- coupled with their love and adoration for each other -- is why Stewart is enjoying the ride of her life outside the big screen.

“I love being engaged,” Stewart said. “It’s different.… I just feel so happy and lucky.”

Stewart -- along with Mj RodriguezBenedict CumberbatchPenelope CruzNicole KidmanSimu LiuIdris Elba and Andrew Garfield -- was selected for Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue, which aims to "celebrate people from all around the world who are celebrating cinema, driving the conversation forward, and ultimately trying to create the landscapes in the movie world that they want to be in."

During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show back in November, Stewart revealed that she and Meyer got engaged after Meyer popped the question. Just a few months after news of their pending nuptials, Stewart's professional career also received exciting news -- after nabbing her first Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Princess Diana in Spencer

Following the Oscar nomination announcement, Stewart was excited, to say the least. 

Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari/Vanity Fair

"WOW I wish Pablo and I were in the same country today," Stewart told ET in a statement, referencing Spencer director Pablo Larraín. "I wish I could see his face."

"I am speechless and humbled this morning. I am bowled over by this. I never thought in a thousand years I’d be in the company of these four incredible women," Stewart added. "I would pay to make movies. I would make them if it was illegal. This is dream state, to share on this level."