'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Jasmine Gets Hysterical After Seeing Unreleased Footage of Gino at the Strip Club

Jasmine was surprised with previously unseen footage of Gino at the strip club, and her reaction didn't disappoint.

Jasmine's alarming temper took center stage on part one of this season of 90 Day Fiancé's tell-all special which aired Sunday on TLC. Jasmine got extremely upset when never-before-seen footage of Gino at the strip club for his bachelor party was shown, leading her to sob uncontrollably and walk out.

Gino and Jasmine are now married, but clearly, are still going through issues. Their fellow cast members confronted Jasmine about her behavior with her ex, Dane, who even gave her $2,000 to help pay for her butt implants. While she insisted there was nothing going on between her and Dane, fellow cast member Rob pointed out that when she would get upset at Gino, she would make comments about Dane to rile him up. In response, Jasmine said she was "a b**ch" and acknowledged she had anger management problems. However, she insisted Gino also triggered her and would say comments like he had no issue having sex with his exes, but he couldn't have sex with her. When host Shaun Robinson asked if that was true, Gino took a long pause before eventually denying it.

Later, the issue of Gino's bachelor party at the strip club was brought up. During this season, Jasmine got upset when Gino's sister told her about the bachelor party, which she previously didn't know about. During the tell-all, Gino said he didn't tell Jasmine because she was in the process of coming to America and saying goodbye to her family and he didn't want to stress her out. He also pointed out that Jasmine had a divorce party, but Jasmine yelled at him that she never went to a strip club. At this point, cast member Clayton commented, "She should have used that $2,000 on anger management classes," prompting Jasmine to tell him to "shut the f**k up."

But then footage of Gino at his bachelor party was shown, which featured Gino happily interacting with strippers and tipping them. At one point, he went onstage while strippers danced on him. Jasmine cried while watching the footage as Gino awkwardly smiled. 

"It's a bachelor party, it's like a once-in-a-lifetime experience," he noted. "Bachelor parties are a normal thing, OK?"

One of the dancers from the club appeared remotely on the tell-all, and described Gino as "awkward." She also said he didn't seem interested in being there and that it seemed like he just wanted to hang out with his family and have a good time. But Jasmine was still extremely upset at this point and crying hysterically.

"I would have never gotten married to you had I seen this before the wedding," she told him. "You were hugging them, Gino. You never look at me that way. You never make me feel desired! You never compliment me this way."

In response, Gino told her that if she hadn't said hurtful things to him, then maybe it would be different. Jasmine said she could no longer take it and walked off set.

"You play, Gino," she said, pointing her finger at him. "You wanted this. You got it."

Backstage, Jasmine continued to sob as cast member Nikki went backstage to comfort her.


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