Addison Rae Reunites With Ex Bryce Hall in New TikTok Video -- Watch

The TikTokers had everyone talking after Rae posted a flirty new video with her on-and-off beau.

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall have reunited on TikTok. The social media stars had everyone talking after Rae, 20, posted a flirty new video with her ex-boyfriend.

Just two months after they called it quits, the TikTokers hopped on the app's "Promiscuous" trend, lip synching to the popular Nelly Furtado song. Fans couldn't get enough of the clip, which featured Hall, 21, putting his hand under Rae's chin as he pulls her in for an almost kiss.

Additionally, Hall also shared a Boomerang of himself with shaving cream on his face, with fans noticing that it was Rae's manicured nails that were in the clip. Check the clip out in the video above.

Meanwhile, ET has spoken with the two since their split. In September, Rae said, "Right now I'm kind of just going with the flow and who knows what'll happen."

"There were a lot of times we were on, we were off, and it was kind of just, like, a confusing situation, but right now, we're just kind of both deciding that there are a lot of things going on in both of our lives that we really need to focus on and figure out," she explained. "I just really want to focus on my family, my brands, my career and just really trying to shape my life for the next five to 10 years. And I think Bryce also has a lot going on and things that he has to figure out as well, and I wish him the best of luck in it all. I think at the end of the day, we're both still wishing the best for each other."

She also didn't object to the idea of getting back together, adding, "At the end of the day, there's a great plan in store for my life, and if that's involving Bryce or not, it's gonna be part of the bigger plan, which is gonna be great."

A few weeks later, Hall admitted to ET that he still keeps in touch with his ex, and their decision to break up was "mutual."

"It was kind of mutual. Both of us agreed. We're still really good friends," he shared. "Last time I talked to her [was] probably a few days ago. We don't talk on a daily basis but yeah, [we're friends]."

The two also reunited on Tuesday night to celebrate Kelly Osbourne's 36th birthday at Yamashiro Hollywood. Rae and Hall, as well as Griffin Johnson and a number of other guests, enjoyed the newly redesigned grounds to ring in Osbourne's party.

Rodin Eckenroth, Getty Images

Meanwhile, Rae has been busy, landing the lead role in the She's All That remake, as well as presenting at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. This week, she opened up about her mishap at the ceremony while presenting an award to Harry Styles on her podcast, Mama Knows Best, with her mom, Sheri Nicole. 

During the telecast, fans noticed that she never actually opened the envelope that had the winner's name, meaning she knew beforehand that the "Watermelon Sugar" singer had won.

Admitting that it was "a little stressful" and she was "overthinking," Rae explained, "On the prompter, it didn’t say like, 'Open envelope'. It just said, 'And the award goes to, dot dot dot dot,' and then it says 'announce winner' in, like, parentheses, so I just announced [it]. I just said it and I didn’t even think twice about opening the envelope, which is obviously the whole point."

"I just wasn’t thinking about it 'cause I was reading it 'cause I was nervous," she added.

Hear more in the video below.