Demi Lovato Is 'Still Sober and Committed to Her Sobriety'

A source tells ET that the singer has started fresh by cutting ties with those who helped 'enable' her.

Demi Lovato is staying on the road to recovery.

A source tells ET that the 26-year-old Tell Me You Love Me artist is still sober and committed to her sobriety, just over eight months after she was hospitalized for an apparent overdose last July, and her subsequently rehabilitation treatment.

The source says Lovato cut ties with everyone on her team and has started fresh.

Lovato is eager to commit full time to her career and that’s really been what’s motivating her to stay healthy, the source says, adding that the celebrated singer is really inspired and feeling excited to get back on stage.

It was announced last week that the Jonas Brothers had recently reunited and, with the release of their first new single in years, that the music siblings would be going on tour once again. This surprise reunion immediately sparked speculation -- and wishful thinking -- among fans that Lovato, who has long been friends with Nick and Joe Jonas, might take the stage with them as part of their tour.

"Demi joining the Jonas Brothers is very much a possibility, but nothing is confirmed at the moment," the source says.

For more on Lovato's sobriety journey and her efforts to stay healthy, watch the video below.