Lala Kent and Katie Maloney Roast Tom Schwartz for Tom Sandoval Comments on 'Watch What Happens Live'

The two women had a lot to say about their co-star's interview on 'Watch What Happens Live.'

Tom Schwartz got through the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen hot seat, but now he has to deal with Katie Maloney and Lala Kent

The reality star was put on the spot Wednesday night as host Andy Cohen grilled him about Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss' affair.

Schwartz spoke candidly throughout the interview, telling viewers he found out about Sandoval's "one-night stand" with Leviss in August, but he didn't find out about the alleged affair -- which ended Sandoval's nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix -- until January.

"It was like a crisis -- midlife crisis," Schwartz explained. "And what happened in the fall, there's a lot of gray area there. Apparently not though. I didn't think it was a linear thing. From my point of view, it became an emotional affair, which is still inappropriate."

When Cohen asked Schwartz if he wanted to say anything before the show ended, the 40-year-old reality star said, "If you see [Tom], maybe give him a hug even if he doesn't deserve it. Give him a hug. He's down bad."

Schwartz’s attempt at kindness didn’t sit well with his ex-wife, Maloney, who quickly responded Wednesday night on Twitter, saying, "You’re the only [one] that wants to hug him dude. READ THE ROOM!!!"

The reality star also took a jab at her ex, saying, "I was called a monster too many times to count… tonight’s #wwhl didn’t phase me. Sadly."

Maloney wasn’t done. The 36-year-old reality star also posted to her Instagram Stories a recap of Wednesday’s Vanderpump Rules episode and let Schwartz know his WWHL interview "wasn’t good" and he needs "media training."

Kent also took to her Instagram Stories to give her thoughts on Schwartz discussing Sandoval and Leviss on WWHL.

"Did Schwartzy really just say, 'If you see Sandoval in the street, give him a hug?' We're atomic wedgie-ying his a**. We're punching him straight in the dick," she said, adding "Every time I sit here and say, 'I'm over Scandoval. I don't want to see it anymore.' One of those fu**ing people just meets another level of buffoonery. And here I am. Here I am having to school more motherf**kers on life. What Schwartz said has made me need to smack my vape 500 times and I can't f**king find it!"

Schwartz was also sure to note that he was "being fed a narrative" that Sandoval had broken up with Madix or had tried to break up with Madix "many, many times" amid his ongoing tryst with Leviss.

As for how he feels about how Sandoval handled the situation, Schwartz said he handled it in the worst way possible and ended up taking advantage of his kindness in the process.

"He took advantage of my kindness and he put a lot of people, not just myself, in a very compromising situation, where our integrity was at stake," Schwartz shared. "Tom has ADHD, and honestly, he became obsessed. He's notorious for having one singular obsession."

He continued, "He is addicted, an infatuation of all kinds of infatuation. Raquel is Tom's heroin."

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