'Love Is Blind: After the Altar' Season 4: Jackie Ends Friendship With Josh's Ex Monica

After Monica goes public with the fact that she got engaged to Josh in the pods, Josh takes offense and Jackie is caught in the middle.

Though the season 4 After the Altar special was mostly a kumbaya-style healing moment for the cast of Love Is Blind, couple Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas seemed to be at the center of what little drama played out during the three-episode special. 

Surprisingly, the drama had little to do with Jackie's ex, Marshall Glaze, who proposed to Jackie in the pods, only for her to call off the engagement shortly after in favor of pursuing a romance with Josh. 

In fact, Marshall and Jackie talked things out at an after-party for the cast's flag football game, wishing one another the best and hugging it out. 

Even Jackie's podmate and pal, Kacia Clark, who briefly dated Marshall after he split with Jackie, seemed to be on good terms with Jackie as the friends enjoyed cocktails and discussed Marshall's claims that their romance wasn't serious. 

But when it came to a woman from Josh's past, Monica Rodriguez, things were a bit messier. Back in April, Monica took to Instagram sharing that she got engaged on the show. Though she didn't name Josh as her fiancé, eagle-eyed fans quickly deduced that Josh popped the question to Monica in the pods before the two quickly called things off. 


On After the Altar, Monica attends the after-party where she tries to clear the air with Jackie, who is clearly conflicted as she sits between one of her "best friends" and her man. 

"I really want to know, genuinely, what happened and what I did because I feel tension. Did it come from me announcing my engagement?" Monica asks Jackie. "Because I felt like I told you."

Monica says that she gave Jackie the heads up two days before posting about the romance and made a point not to name Josh. 

"Everybody deserves to have their story told. I'm not clowning her for that. I'm not upset with her for that. Voice it, that's fine," Jackie says of Monica. "But don't be messy about it. Don't be, like, vindictive. Don't throw shade or anything. Just say what you need to and go. I'mma always pick my man, regardless. I'mma always ride with my man, whether he's right or wrong. I have to. That's just how it is."

Monica tells Jackie, "You should never have to choose between who you're with and your best friend, otherwise, you're with the wrong guy… I don't want Josh to get in the middle of this. As much as I respect your relationship, friendships last forever. Not saying that you and Josh won't. But if it doesn't, I'm gonna be here."

Monica adds that she's "always" supported Jackie's relationship with Josh, noting, "I never tell you to leave him when you guys go through your s**t." 


Josh then confronts Monica, saying that she left up comments that named him from her friends on the post, calling it "disrespectful." 

"There's over a hundred comments, I'm not monitoring that. I have a career," Monica replies. 

Josh accuses Monica of being a "clout chaser" and Monica turns to Jackie saying, "I don't know how you deal with this man every single day of your life. He's a six year old."

Jackie walks off from the exchange as Josh chases after her. 

"I don't want drama anymore. I am tired. I can't be in the drama no more," Jackie tells Josh as he goes to return his mic and leave the party with Jackie. 

Jackie then says, seemingly of her relationship with Monica, "Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel and be like, 'You know what, this ain't good for me. This isn't making me grow. This isn't good for anything that I want to accomplish in my life.' And that's it. Jesus wept, amen. Jackie out."

It seems that no one is on Josh's side as he returns to say goodbye and tells co-star Chelsea Griffin, who married Kwame Appiah on the show, that he's leaving due to Monica being a "clout chaser."

"Don't accuse someone of clout chasing! Take care of your woman and go live your life. That's all I got to say to you, man," Chelsea tells him. 

Jackie and Monica no longer follow one another on social media. 


As for Marshall, he proudly shared during the special that he's moved on with girlfriend Dr. Chay Barnes. 

"Then when she came along it was like I immediately felt like I needed to be with her," Marshall gushes on After the Altar. "She makes me feel secure in who I am as a man and she accepts me for me."

ET's Denny Directo recently caught up with Love Is Blind stars Brett Brown and his wife Tiffany Pennywell, where they discussed Marshall's new romance. 

"I know he's in a good place now in his current relationship," Brett told ET. 

Love Is Blind: After the Altar season 4 is currently streaming on Netflix. Season 5 of Love Is Blind premieres Sept. 22 on Netflix.