Margot Robbie Reveals if Her Characters Barbie and Harley Quinn Would Be Friends (Exclusive)

The celebrated actress spoke with ET on the pink carpet at the L.A. premiere of 'Barbie' on Sunday.

Margot Robbie has brought to life an array of wild and memorable characters over the years, with her role as Barbie being among the most highly anticipated. However, fans of Robbie have been asking a particularly challenging question: how would her Barbie character get on with her acclaimed chaotic antihero, Harley Quinn?

Robbie stunned in a Barbie-inspired black evening gown while walking the pink carpet at the premiere of the long-awaited Barbie movie -- held at the Shrine Auditorium and Expo Hall in Los Angeles on Sunday -- and she spoke with ET's Will Marfuggi about the fan-favorite hypothetical: would Barbie and Harley be friends, enemies or best friends?

"Kind of all of the above," Robbie said with a laugh. "I feel like it'd be a real rollercoaster being friends with Harley, so who knows?"

"I think Barbie would be a really good friend to Harley, I don't know if Harley would reciprocate it," she added.

One thing is for sure, however -- Robbie has truly managed to bring the iconic Barbie character to life, both on screen and during the promotional blitz. And Sunday's premiere was no different.

Eric Charbonneau/Warner Bros./Mattel

"Tonight, we're doing Solo in the Spotlight Barbie," Robbie said, referring to a vintage and iconic Barbie figure first released in 1960. "I think it was the first evening gown Barbie, so it felt appropriate for tonight."

With the movie about to hit theaters and the press tour soon wrapping, one question on some fans minds is whether or not she's going to miss rocking Barbie pink so frequently.

"I think by the time I'm done with this press tour, I'll be pinked out," she said, "but for now, I'm in it and loving it still."

For Robbie -- who is not only the star of the film but one of the producers as well -- there's a lot she and director Greta Gerwig hope viewers are able to take away from the experience of watching the movie.

"We want, more than anything, for everyone to kind of have the experience they want to have. You can take so much from this film," she shared. "It can be a wild carnival ride or it can hit you in some pretty emotional places."

"I think kids are gonna be kind of dazzled by the world of it all and I think adults are gonna really see themselves in some of the characters," she added with a smile.

Fans will get a chance to enjoy the cinematic ride for themselves when Barbie hits theaters July 21.