Monica Garcia Exits 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City' After Her First Season

The Housewife was at the center of many of season 4's biggest controversies.

Monica Garcia is out at The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City after just one season. 

On Tuesday, ET confirmed that the Housewife, 40, has decided to leave the show after being at the center of many of season 4's controversies and biggest dramatic storylines. 

"Monica is not currently scheduled to return to RHOSLC," a source close to the situation says. "It's too early to confirm her permanent departure, and there's a possibility of her making a return in the future. The extent of her future involvement remains uncertain at this point."

The news came just hours before the final episode of the RHOSLC reunion, which has captivated audiences for two weeks as the Housewives have dissected all of the biggest plot points, including Monica's use of multiple last names and the allegation that she schemed her way into getting on the show

While Monica did not comment publicly on the rumored exit from the Bravo series, she took to Instagram Tuesday afternoon just hours before the final reunion episode aired to urge fans to tune in. 

"🩷Might publish a book. What, like it’s hard? #rhoslc," Garcia wrote on Instagram. "FINAL EPISODE TONIGHT and I cannot wait to hear all your thoughts!! @bravotv." 

Monica -- who previously appeared on the show as Jen Shah's assistant -- signed on at the start of the season and quickly became a cast member that fans loved to hate and vice versa, providing what some franchise fans called a "necessary shakeup" to the show. 

Shakeup may be an understatement. In just one season, the newest cast member found herself on the outs with a majority of her fellow Housewives.

In the Jan. 2 season finale, the ladies -- while on a trip to Bermuda for Monica's birthday -- were faced with the realization that she may not have been upfront and honest about her role in the group and how she came to the show.

"Monica is not who she says she is," Housewife Heather Gay proclaimed to her longtime castmates and friends on the trip. "She's not our friend. She's someone who has schemed and worked to infiltrate our friend group, and the name that you all know her as -- the woman whose birthday we celebrated, who we have been trying to champion and support and defend -- is Reality Von Tease."

Reality Von Tease is a Real Housewives gossip blogger who had been posting supposed insider secrets about the RHOSLC cast members to the anonymous Instagram account over the course of multiple seasons. 

The revelation led to a massive blow-out fight and many of the cast members declared they would not work with her again.

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On Monday, host and executive producer Andy Cohen spoke with ET about the show and reflected on what Monica's future might look like when the third and final installment of the RHOSLC reunion special airs. 

"I think the question is how will Monica, or will Monica, find her way back into this group?" Cohen said. "Part 3 is a deep dive into Reality Von Tease and the black eye. And so at the end, I think you'll have a sense of where we go next season."

Part 3 of the dramatic RHOSLC reunion airs on Bravo at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Parts 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Peacock. 

As of Jan. 23, it is believed that Lisa Barlow, Heather, Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose and Angie Katsanevas are all returning for season 5. 

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