Chris Evans Gushes About His Love for Tom Brady: He's a 'Special Man'

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Captain America has a role model of his own! Chris Evans visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night where he was asked a very tough question -- do you love the New England Patriots or Tom Brady more?

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“Ugh that's tough, that's such a tough thing,” Evans said.

“Because the Patriots in and of themselves aren't as handsome as Tom Brady,” Kimmel joked.

“Few are. I don't know, it's tough. Tom's up there, man. I love the Patriots, I like any sports entity, but Tom is a special man,” Evans said laughing.

And though he has a special place in his heart for the Patriots’ quarterback, Evans is glad that he’s never met his idol.

“No I have yet to meet him. He didn't go to the after party. He might've made an appearance but he cut out,” Evans said. “He's Tom Brady, he had to go rule the world or something. I didn't meet Tom, and I'm not sure if I want to. It's become now like, I just want to let him be the thing that I imagine he is and that's it. That's good enough for me.”

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The talk and excitement over Brady got Evans so excited that he knocked a glass over. Watch the clip for more!

Brady recently was reunited with his Super Bowl jersey, only to have it stolen by teammate Rob Gronkowski. The moment was captured on social media for all to see.

For more from Evans, watch the clip below!

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