'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Recapping All the Drama Leading Up to Season 10

Kyle vs. Dorit, Teddi vs. Camille, everybody vs. Lisa Vanderpump and more.

New season, new drama, same ZIP code.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back for season 10 -- the tin season, traditionally -- albeit without one key player: Lisa Vanderpump, who famously quit the series at the end of last season. With a diamond freed up, there's room for a new 'Wife, Garcelle Beauvais, and a new friend of, Sutton Stracke.

"Like usual, not everyone gets along," Kyle Richards teased to ET.

In fact, even without LVP in the mix, this year seemingly has more drama than ever -- including bombshell allegations against one of RHOBH's own. Ahead of Wednesday's premiere, let's look back and remember where things stand between Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp and Denise Richards heading into season 10.


Puppygate. To even mention it is to send any loyal viewer screaming in the opposite direction. The drama -- involving a puppy named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, stories leaked to the blogs and Ken Todd shouting, "Goodbye, Kyle!" -- played out over the entirety of season nine, the ladies siding with Dorit to take down Vanderpump. Puppygate not only led to the ends of friendships between LVP and Dorit and LVP and Kyle, but caused the former, an OG of the BH, to walk away the show.

While LVP has since said "never say never" to returning to RHOBH in the future, Erika told ET she need not bother. "I'll tell you this, she wasn't missed during filming," she put it bluntly. "There wasn't a time where we turned and looked at each other and said, 'You know what, you know who we're really missing?' Everybody's replaceable and interchangeable at the end of the day."


The beef between Kyle and Dorit actually began over who was better friends with Vanderpump, with LVP having introduced Dorit into the group as one of her nearest and dearest, thus causing Kyle to question her own standing. Ironically, the tension between the two only got worse once they both were on the outs with LVP. (No thanks to Dorit's husband, PK, and a "joke" about Kyle not being about to get along with her best friends.)

But the Dorit/Kyle drama continues into this season, too, despite LVP not being on the show at all. "You know, I'm an easy, easy girl to repair things with," Dorit once told ET. "It just takes an apology or a conversation that's true and honest and real, and two people that want to. You know? And I'm always up for trying to repair something, always."



Camille Grammer (now Camille Meyer) has not been a full-time diamond holder since season two, but not for lack of trying. Last year alone, she feuded with Teddi and Denise, called out Dorit's alleged money problems and went head-to-head with Rinna over...uh, Brett Kavanaugh. (Rinna was on the right side of history on that one.)

Following an over-the-top performance at the season nine reunion, Camille claimed she wasn't asked back because of Kyle -- to which Kyle told ET, "I mean, I don't know what goes through Camille's mind." Cut to the season 10 trailer, and there's Camille, in cameo alongside former Housewives like Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville.


Everybody loved Denise when she joined the cast at the start of season nine. The ladies loved that she was always drinking tequila and talked about how big her husband's penis is (much to his embarrassment). Viewers got to know her as a supportive co-parent to ex Charlie Sheen, a giving significant other to Aaron Phypers (she infamously took him to get his first happy ending massage) and a friend to fan favorite Brandi Glanville.

Which makes what we know about season 10 especially wild: Allegations have been levied that Denise carried on a months-long extramarital affair with Brandi. Denise denies it all, telling ET, "This was something I was not expecting at all. I was very much caught off-guard...I think it's kind of disgusting that they even talk about it. But that's something they choose to, and I've had worse things said, so you know, I can rise above it."



The actress and friend of Denise Richards may be the 90210's new 'Wife, but she's no stranger to scandal. Nearly a decade before Bravo cameras would roll, Beauvais was in the tabloids for sending an email to her then-husband's colleagues calling him out for cheating on her. She says she's bringing that same energy to the show.

"Wrong is wrong and sometimes you gotta make it right, even if it's in the wrong way," she told ET, though she admits she still isn't sure what she's gotten herself into. "I've never really been around a group of women that just love drama...I'm interested to see how I am portrayed -- or what the women say behind my back in the confessionals!"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres Wednesday, April 15, at 8 p.m. on Bravo.


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