'RHOC': Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador Coach Vicki Gunvalson on How to Handle Kelly Dodd (Exclusive)

Vicki Gunvalson gets advice from Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge on Bravo's 'Real Housewives of Orange County.'

You can’t teach an OG Housewife new tricks. Or, can you?

That’s the task at hand for Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador in ET’s exclusive first look at this week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County. The ladies sit down with their fellow "Tres Amigas" member, Vicki Gunvalson, to help her figure out how to smooth things over with Kelly Dodd, whom Vicki kinda, sorta alleged does drugs. Since that moment, Kelly refuses to be in the same space as Vicki, which is a problem, because all the women are supposed to head to Arizona for a retreat designed to bring them back together. If they're not all there, the retreat really won’t serve its purpose.

Tamra, Shannon and Vicki are gathered at Vicki’s house, where Vicki starts the conversation by bringing up the group’s newest member, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, or as Vicki calls her, "Boring-wyn."

"Someone said that her name is Boring-wyn," Vicki adds, after Tamra asks her what she just said. Tamra calls Vicki out for using the nickname, noting that this is Vicki’s M.O.: say something nasty, but blame it on someone else.

"Vicki can’t help herself," Tamra surmises in a confessional, as a montage of Vicki’s greatest "I heard this thing…" moments plays out. "Like, she loves to talk s**t, and then she’s like, what?! That’s what I heard. This behavior’s gotta stop!"

It is that behavior that Tamra and Shannon are, seemingly, aiming to course correct with Vicki. It was Vicki's claim that she "knew something Kelly doesn't want out there" that sparked the rumor that Kelly was involved in a sex act called a "train." Kelly has denied this, as well as the drug use.

"I want the low-blow nastiness to stop," Shannon tells Vicki. "Part of that nastiness, Vicki, is putting seeds into the universe."

Watch the intervention-like moment here:

"I think the thing that you can do moving forward is, if she throws a bomb or a nuke, whatever it is she throws, not to react," Tamra advises. "Don’t do anything."

"Well, there comes a point in time where she has to stop it," Vicki laments. "You guys have to be defending me on that one, saying, Kelly, stop it."

"If there’s nastiness coming from any side, you’re gonna hear me say something," Shannon says, sending a warning to Vicki to also not be nasty.

"Hopefully it’ll be a crossover point, because I have no desire to hurt Kelly Dodd," Vicki then declares, somewhat ominously. Fans know that the women do not come back together this season. If anything, the rift between the "Tres Amigas" and Kelly becomes bigger than ever.

"We all are friends, and you're gonna see how the evolution of the relationships go," Kelly told ET last month. "I was really tight with Tamra, really tight with Shannon, and then they have this 'Tres Amigas' thing and form this kind of gang mentality. It's kind of like [my] season one again. It's like Groundhog’s Day, I swear."

"I've never done anything to them," she added. "But you're gonna see at the end how it all comes up to the surface that they are a bunch of liars."

It’s a game of she said, she said, because, according to Tamra, it’s Kelly who spreads lies this year.

"She crossed the line, she involved herself in something very serious in my life," Tamra teased to ET last month. "It's just to the point where I am not going to put myself through that abuse anymore. Karma is a b***h."

"The 'Tres Amigas,' we’re not a cult, we're not a gang," Tamra said. "We're just the three on the show that have been on the longest, and we know each other the best. We've gone through our ups and downs and we have a lot of fun together, we have a lot of fights together."

"I think me and Shannon are trying to navigate between the [Vicki and Kelly], and we always say, we're on the right side," she added. "That's it. They're both being mean to each other. If you're gonna be nice, then I'll agree with that. If you're gonna be mean, I'm gonna disagree with that. That's it."

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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