'The Bachelorette' Finale Sneak Peek: Hannah Brown Prepares to 'Break Somebody's Heart' (Exclusive)

Looks like Hannah Brown won't make it through her season finale without shedding a few tears. 

Looks like Hannah Brown won't make it through her season finale of The Bachelorette without shedding a few tears. 

ET has an exclusive first look at the 24-year-old beauty queen's upcoming two-night season finale, airing Monday and Tuesday. In the clip, Hannah gets emotional while preparing to hand out her second-to-last rose, explaining that with this decision, she's "breaking somebody's heart," as well as her own. 

"Hannah is the person I've always wanted to meet. She just feels like a missing piece to my life," Jed Wyatt says in the sneak peek. 

Tyler Cameron also shares his feelings. "You have to have that one in a million connection with someone to really make things work, and I do believe that we have that," he confesses. 

"I've never felt this intensely for someone. I 100 percent can see this woman as my wife. Like, 100 percent," Peter Weber adds. 

Then, it's Hannah's turn to address her final three men. "I have three amazing men standing in front of me, and this week has been amazing. You've opened your heart to me, your families, you've been vulnerable and honest and open, and I just feel so blessed. But I have to continue to make the hardest decisions. That makes this hard for me, because I'm not just breaking somebody's heart, I'm breaking my own heart," she tearfully reveals. 

Watch the full clip in the video player above. 

Hannah told ET at the Men Tell All taping earlier this month that fans would see her heart get broken following her explosive breakup with controversial contestant Luke Parker.   

"Well, my heart gets broken a lot for a lot of different reasons on this season," she shared. "Of course, Luke breaks my heart, but my heart gets broken through all of this because of just learning and growing and putting my heart out there in the way that I did."

Host Chis Harrison, meanwhile, recently revealed that Hannah fell hard for more than one man. "She definitely, probably, had serious love for two of them," he said on the Bachelor Party podcast. "Maybe three, but definitely two."  

As for what fans can expect from the show's two-night finale, the longtime Bachelor franchise host said there's a lot to get through. "One guy is obviously going to leave, and we will get down to that final two. They will stay in Greece, we will all stay in Greece, and this will go through until the ending," he explained. "But there's a lot to handle, a lot to unpack now, because a lot of stuff has happened in Greece, and a lot has happened outside of Greece that we have to deal with."

We'll find out how things end when Brown's season finale airs, on Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. ET's live Bachelorette finale coverage starts at 10:05 p.m. ET / 7:05 p.m. PT on ET Live, which you can stream on your RokuApple TV or Amazon Fire TV device.

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