The Best Samsung TV Deals Happening Right Now: Save Up to $4,000 on A Stunning 8K TV

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Samsung TV Deals May 2022

When shopping for a new TV to get a better view of your favorite shows there are many details to consider, but it often comes down to cost and picture quality. With Samsung's latest TV offers, you don't have to choose between the two in order to elevate your entertainment or home theater system. 

Samsung's TV deals include some major discounts on 4K and 8K TVs. Depending on what TV you're eyeing, you could save up to $4,000 on 2021's 8K Neo QLED TV. With 1.5 times more lighting zones in the display, the 8K TV has deeper blacks, brighter whites and more vivid colors that showcase greater clarity than what’s possible on the majority of 4K TVs. There are also cheap TV deals being offered on various models of high-quality televisions, including Samsung's popular Frame TV.  

Samsung TV Deals

When upgrading your screen, you don't have to sacrifice picture quality to fit your budget. Samsung's latest deals will make streaming a breeze and bring the game right to your couch. Searching through every television's individual specs can feel like homework, which is why we did the work for you. From 85-inch home theatre screens to 65-inch bedroom sets with unimaginable details, we've rounded up Samsung's best TV deals below. 

Save up to $4,000 on 8K Neo QLED TVs

The QN900A features multiple tiny LEDs, which add contrast and depth to the already high-quality 8K resolution. Meanwhile, the infinity screen makes this TV feel like a miniature version of a movie theater screen. 


This isn't just a sleek and slim TV model. This 8K Smart TV delivers high-quality images with little to no reflection. Its specific screen lessens glare, so you don't have to deal with the blinding glare that keep you from enjoying your favorite movies and shows. 


Save up to $1,800 on 4K Neo QLED TVs

The QN85A showcases beautiful visuals regardless of the scene. Thanks to the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+, you don't have to worry about blurry graphics in a scene because the technology automatically diminishes blur.


The QN905A obviously delivers high-quality visuals and sound. But, did you know that it can automatically adjust the volume whenever you need it to? This TV uses an AI to detect the level of background noise in your room and it adjusts the volume of whatever you're watching, so you don't miss a word of dialogue. 


Save up to $1,120 on 4K QLED TVs

Thanks to the Quantom Dot color-matching processor, you can have next level movie-watching experience. The technology of this TV models also minimizes blurring, so you can focus on the crisp video quality without losing a second of detail. 


Like its other Samsung QLED 4K Smart Tv siblings, the Class Q60A also has a Quantom Dot processor, along with a quality 4K resolution that enhances any movie. Plus, you could connect your laptop or PC to the TV to get some work done on your living room's very own big screen. 


This TV delivers precision color-matching, so you can sit back and enjoy your favorite TV show without tinkering with the settings. It also features Object Tracking Surround Sound, which is surround sound that tracks the movement of objects and people on screen. Then, it adjusts the volume and direction of the sound accordingly for a truly immersive experience.


One of our favorite features on The Serif is the Ambient Mode+ -- it's like a live wallpaper for your TV. When you select Ambient Mode+, you can select between two different patterns that display on your TV screen. You don't have to deal with a boring old black screen when you aren't using your TV. 


The most unique part of this The Sero is its rotating screen. It's literally made for streaming videos directly from your phone or tablet -- just rotate Sero to the horizontal view and enjoy. 


Save up to $1,000 on Frame TVs

Every size of the newest 2022 Frame TV is $200 off right now. Samsung is also offering 50% off customized bezels for all Frame TVs. So, you can finally get that Frame QLED 4K Smart TV with custom teak bezels that you've been eyeing for the last month.

The 2022 version of the Samsung Frame features an upgraded screen, which has a matte finish for an anti-reflection display. Samsung also includes a slim-fit wall mount in the upgraded version of the popular art-frame-and-TV combo to create a more art-like display. Shoppers can now officially order The Frame TV in all sizes.


Save $1,000 on the 85" Frame TV at Samsung and Best Buy. 


Takes your viewing experience to the next level with a TV that automatically optimizes both picture and sound for a more immersive experience.


The 4K display on this TV adds clarity and quality to your viewing experience. The bezels on this model are nearly non-existent, so you don't have to worry about any distracting borders while you're watching your favorite events. And for an extra fee, you can customize the color of the bezels to match the interior design of your home. 


If you don't have space to accommodate a TV that's 50" or larger, this 2020 model of The Frame could be the perfect solution. At 32 inches, The Frame also has an Art Mode which displays artwork or images of your choosing whenever the TV is off. It's like an entertainment system and a work of art build into one 32-inch frame. 



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