'To All the Boys 2': Lana Condor and Noah Centineo Say the 'Stakes Are Higher' in the Sequel (Exclusive)

ET was first on the set of the anticipated follow-up to Netflix's hit 2018 film.

Lara Jean and Peter's love story is about to get real.

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, the anticipated sequel to Netflix's hit 2018 film, picks back up with Lara Jean Song Covey (Lana Condor) and Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) no longer pretending to be a couple. As Lara Jean navigates a trove of official firsts with Peter -- her first real kiss, her first real date, her first Valentine's Day -- she finds herself leaning on her family and close friends. But when John Ambrose McClaren (Jordan Fisher) responds to her old love letter and suddenly comes into the picture, everything starts to unravel.

ET was first on the Vancouver set of P.S. I Still Love You in May 2019, when Condor, Centineo and Fisher were busy filming the second To All the Boys movie -- and the young stars could not be more delightful when it came time to sit down, some in the middle of the night, for their one-on-one interviews. (Condor's chat took place at 1 a.m.!) 

"The sequel picks up like no time has passed from the first movie. Lara Jean and Peter are in a really good place. They're having a great time. It's an awesome relationship," Condor told ET's Katie Krause, setting the table for the upcoming film. "The movie is a little bit more mature in the sense that all of a sudden, things aren't perfect anymore and you're actually dealing with real-life relationship problems. Our new character, John Ambrose, comes in and kind of shakes things up -- Mr. Jordan Fisher, who we all love so much."

"The whole movie is like two movies in one, kind of," the 22-year-old actress teased. "We have the Peter and Lara Jean story but we also have the Lara Jean and John Ambrose story, and it is a fully flushed, more mature movie, which I really, really like. We're just doing the same [thing] and making it better, which is great, and having more boys!" 


Centineo, 23, said P.S. I Still Love You "explores the fact that relationships can be a lot or difficult, especially when you're in them for real." The former The Fosters star noted that Lara Jean and Peter "have to grow up and they have to look at those issues head-on. They just want to protect each other though. The intentions are good. There's that quote, 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions,' and that absolutely applies to this film."

And having Lara Jean in the middle of two totally viable romantic partners in Peter and John Ambrose makes things all the more complicated for the teen. Off set though, Condor admitted to enjoying the perks of having Centineo and Fisher -- who have known each other for eight years -- "fighting" over her when the cameras stop rolling. "I love it. I really, really love it! It's not a bad life to live," Condor said with a smile. "They know I love it too. They do play-fight, which is really sweet, and the two of them are really good friends as well... But Jordan has integrated himself so well. Him and Noah are great friends and they love hanging out, so that has added a positive layer to the movie."

"Jordan and I, when Michael [Fimognari], the director and DP says 'cut,' we'll still be in character a little bit and fight over Lana and she'll love it," Centineo added. Watch Centineo's exclusive ET sit-down on the set of To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You below.

While Lara Jean and Peter start off the movie in romantic bliss, Condor shared that Peter Kavinsky, who was deemed the perfect rom-com boyfriend when To All the Boys I've Loved Before came out in summer 2018, will have more cracks in the follow-up. But don't worry, he's still a dreamboat. 

"It would be impossible for Peter Kavinsky to not be dreamy! In this movie, Peter Kavinsky is still very dreamy. He's still super ideal...," Condor expressed, "but he's flawed in this movie and he's more of a real person because no one can be perfect, right? This movie shines a light on Peter as a normal person. He has flaws and makes mistakes as well, which Noah has loved doing that because it makes him a more real character and really relatable. But he's just as dreamy as the first."

When asked about how John Ambrose measures up to Peter in this film, Centineo was candid about the dilemma facing To All the Boys fans. "I think it's going to be tough for anyone to have a definitive answer on that," Centineo said. "I actually know for sure it's going to be split down the middle. Jordan is doing so much for this franchise, for this story, for this character. I mean, oh my god."

"Peter is going to be Peter," he added. "But Ambrose is Ambrose, so good luck because it's going to get testy!"

Even Condor was finding herself second-guessing Lara Jean's ultimate choice during filming.

"I have always thought that Lara Jean and Peter were so perfect together and what Jordan Fisher brings to the table when he plays John Ambrose, there are major moments in the past month where I'm like, 'Whoa, Jordan makes a really valid go and maybe Lara Jean should be with him,'" she said. "It's very convincing and John Ambrose is so charming and John Ambrose is kind of the male version of Lara Jean; they're super compatible. It's a true charm battle and I love it."

To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You drops Wednesday, Feb. 12 on Netflix.

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