'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Tyray Finally Meets the Real Carmella 

Tyray even ended up asking the real Carmella out after traveling to meet her in person.

Tyray got the closure he needed after getting catfished for over four years on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. On Sunday's episode, Tyray traveled to Denver, Colorado, from Modesto, California, to meet the real Carmella and came face to face with her after he reached out to her on social media.

Tyray's journey this season has been a wild one, after producers stepped in during the premiere episode to tell Tyray he was being catfished and that a man named Christian was behind the facade of his girlfriend, Carmella from Barbados. Although all the signs pointed to Tyray getting catfished, he refused to believe it and hoped it was all "a misunderstanding" -- to the point where his own sister called him "delusional." After hiring a private investigator, he was able to track down the real Carmella on social media and reached out to meet her in person and she agreed. Much to his family's dismay, Tyray traveled to Denver to meet Carmella, even bringing her a candle as a present. Tyray said he needed to ask her in person if she was in on the scam.

On Sunday's episode, Tyray was extremely nervous at the restaurant as he waited for Carmella to arrive.

"Even though she's not the face I've been talking to, it's the face I loved," he explained.

Carmella did show up and it was definitely awkward at first as they nervously laughed. Tyray said seeing the real Carmella in person was a "mindf**k" and that she looked even better than in the photos. For her part, Carmella didn't know what to say and Tyray noted she seemed "uncomfortable." He then bluntly asked her if she had anything to do with him being scammed and if she knew someone named Christian from Barbados. Carmella said she didn't and was actually grateful to Tyray for letting her know that people were stealing her identity.

"It's a lot," she admitted.

Tyray said he believed her because she seemed genuine. Meanwhile, when producers asked Carmella why she agreed to meet up with Tyray in person, she said it was "complicated" and admitted it was "weird" because she didn't know him at all. But she said he seemed like "a good guy" and that she felt sorry for him. Tyray told Carmella that he was going to delete the app and that he felt like the journey was finally coming to an end. 

"Carmella's telling me to be positive and telling me to not let the situation, you know, ruin me," he said. "She's really sweet. It definitely feels like we're vibing. And it's confusing but it's making me feel good."

After presenting Carmella with the candle he bought her, Tyray asked her if she was in a relationship. She said she was single and Tyray asked if they could still keep in touch and hang out and promised to not "do anything weird." Carmella seemed open to it, especially since she had never been to California before and he offered to show her around. Tyray said he was extremely happy he traveled to Denver to meet the real Carmella.

"I might never get the answers I was looking for. But I realized that I can't control that," he told cameras. 

Tyray said the past month had been a "whirlwind" and that he got his heart broken, but it made him stronger in the end.

"I think one reason I was drawn in the online relationship with the fake Carmella is because I didn't have the confidence to date in the real world," he reflected. "But meeting the real Carmella showed me that I need to get out of my shell and now I do want to put myself out there more and not be so afraid. I can trust again. And I feel more confident than ever that someone is out there for me. So, maybe that was the closure I was looking for."

ET spoke with Tyray about his journey this season, and he responded to criticism that he was attempting to date out of his league. Watch the video below for more.