'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Tyray Accepts He's Been Catfished and Comes Clean to His Mom About Carmella

On Sunday's episode, Tyray finally came clean to his mom about his secret relationship.

Tyray is slowly accepting that Carmella is not who he thinks she is. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Tyray hired a private investigator and after he was presented with some shocking information, he finally told his mom about the secret relationship he'd been carrying on over Snapchat for the past four years.

Tyray is so in love with his online girlfriend, Carmella -- whom he thought was from Barbados -- that even after producers told him a man named Christian was only pretending to be Carmella in order to get money from him, he refused to believe it. He told his sister, Lashanti, that he believed that Carmella actually had a husband or boyfriend who was trying to break them up. Although Lashanti called him "delusional," she still accompanied him to see a private investigator. The private investigator told them that he found Carmella on social media and that she was a cam porn star. Under her profile it read "fetish queen" and it appeared she was from the United States, not Barbados.

Tyray finally began to accept that the person in her pictures wasn't the person he'd been talking to for the past four years.

"None of this lines up with, you know, the Carmella I fell in love with, you know, this wasn't her," he told cameras. "Maybe the person behind the texts and the woman behind the photos were two different people."

"This relationship with Carmella was everything to me," he added. "We were, like, soulmates even if we hadn't met in person. Realizing this image isn't the face I've been talking to is devastating."

Tyray reached out to Carmella because he wanted to know if she was working with Christian to scam him, but she didn't respond. At this point, he was too invested to let it go. He also decided he wanted to finally tell his mom and other sister about the secret relationship he had been carrying on since he didn't want "any more secrets in [his] life." Tyray and his mom are very close as he quit his job and moved in with her to take care of her after she had a stroke. 

Not surprisingly, his family was stunned not just at the secret relationship, but the fact that he was catfished.

"I can't believe this, I'm confused," his mother said. "So, is it a girl or a boy?"

Tyray said he was still trying to figure that out and that he was just trying to get closure at this point. He said he wanted to go back to Barbados -- even though "Carmella" ghosted him when he tried to previously meet up with her -- to see if he could find the person behind her.

"For what?" his mom asked in disbelief. "Why's it so important?"

Tyray stubbornly held on to the belief that the person he was talking to all these years was a woman -- despite producers previously playing him a voicemail from Christian.

"I just want to know if my instincts are right -- that this person loved me the way I love them," he said. "If anything else is fake, at least that love was real and that would be the closure I need -- that's it."

Tyray's mom told cameras she was heartbroken for her once "bubbly and happy" son.

"I hope he can heal. I hope he can get over this," she said.

ET previously spoke to Tyray and he addressed the criticism from some fans that he was delusional for not accepting he was being catfished and that he was not going for women in his league. Watch the video below for more.