A$AP Rocky Proposes to Rihanna With 'Marry Me?' Grill in 'D.M.B.' Music Video

It's the fourth time the soon-to-be parents have worked together on a music project.

A$AP Rocky has finally released his long-awaited new single, "D.M.B. (Dats Mah B**ch)," along with the music video starring longtime love Rihanna

On Wednesday, the 33-year-old rapper teased the drop on social media with a teaser featuring video clips of him and the 34-year-old FENTY founder. The cover image for the record is an illustration reminiscent of a movie poster that shows scenes from the music video that fans will remember seeing the duo film during a multi-day shoot in New York City's Bronx neighborhood last summer. A source told ET that the video shoot involved "a ton" of outfit changes for Rihanna and that the pair was "very lovey dovey" between takes. 

"I think fans are going to love this new video and this song," the source added. "It's going to be like getting a glimpse into their relationship."

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The video is an ode to the classic love story with a "ghetto love tale" twist as Rocky and Rihanna play true ride-or-die characters in a devoted relationship despite their circumstances. At the end of the video, after all their trials and tribulations, the couple gets married while wearing marital-inspired grills. Rocky's grills say "Marry Me?" and Rihanna's grills say "I do."

Much like what fans caught in the paparazzi photos, Rihanna rocks several outfits throughout the video, including a yellow-printed headscarf, corset top, brown pants, heels, and a heavy fleece-lined overcoat, while A$AP goes all-black with a gold belt and trucker hat. The singer is also seen in a pink neon fur coat and lime green heels and A$AP wears a matching lime green fur hat with a tank top, jeans, and boots. 

The rapper took to social media to celebrate the single's release, writing, "D.M.B. OUT NOW!!! THANK$ 2 ALL INVOLVED WHO HELPED & SPECIAL THANK$ 2 MY LADY FOR THE MOTIVATION & ROLE https://asaprocky.lnk.to/DMB"

"D.M.B." is expected to appear on Rocky's upcoming album, All Smiles. In an interview with GQ last year, he described the project as "way more mature" than his previous work.

This isn't the first time Rihanna has starred in one of A$AP's music videos. Back in 2013, she played his girlfriend in the foreshadowing video for his song, "Fashion Killa." The couple has also collaborated on music in the past. A$AP was featured on the 2011 remix for Rihanna's song, "Cockiness."

The duo's love story has come a long way since those collaborations; they now await the arrival of their first child in the coming weeks. 

Rihanna was recently spotted backstage at the Smokers Club Festival in Los Angeles, rapping along with her boyfriend's performance and recording moments from his set. During the concert, Rihanna was surrounded by security. The mommy-to-be rocked a look that put her baby bump on display. 

Since the duo returned to the States from their trip to Barbados, Rihanna and Rocky have stepped out for a dinner date and celebrated their baby with a rave-themed baby shower

A source told ET that the couple considered canceling the celebration. Instead, they thought it was important to surround themselves with family and friends. 

When it comes to the couple’s bond, another source said that Rihanna is all in when it comes to her love. "When she's in love with someone," the source said, "she'll do anything for them." 

"Rihanna hasn't wavered," the source added. "She loves him. He's family."