'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Stars Reveal If They Agree With Belly's Finale Choice (Exclusive)

Lola Tung, Gavin Casalegno and Christopher Briney are weighing in on Belly's decision between Jeremiah and Conrad.


Belly has finally made her big choice. On the season 2 finale of The Summer I Turned PrettyLola Tung's Belly officially chose Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) over his brother, Conrad (Christopher Briney). Getting to that decision was anything but easy for Belly, as Tung told ET's Deidre Behar back in June.

"I think she's sort of in a really bad headspace at the beginning of the season, and it's hard to get out of that. I think she's just hoping that with each day, and with each step she takes to repair her relationships, each step will get a little closer to that goal," Tung said. "I think it was just like really, really [about] taking it a day at a time with her and being patient with her and with myself. It's definitely a wild journey this season."

Ultimately, though, Belly opted out of choosing the older Conrad, whom she'd long had a crush on, and dove in head first into a relationship with his younger brother.

"I felt good about that decision in that moment, because for Belly in that moment that is the person who is showing up for her in the way that she needs someone to," Tung explained. "In like episode six, we see that when Conrad and Belly have a fight on the beach, that she really would have fought for that relationship and... from her point of view, it doesn't seem like he would fight for it the same way."

"I think she's found someone who she loves, and who will fight for her and her relationship, and who makes her happy," she added. "So I think in that moment, it's absolutely the right thing for her."

Casalegno agreed, telling ET that Belly jumping to the Team Jeremiah camp was "long overdue."

"I mean, [it took] two whole seasons for that to happen. What that does is makes it special," he said. "I think people are gonna be just excited to see what their relationship is like. As long as Belly is following her heart [it's the right decision]. I think that it's important to stay true to who you are."

As for Briney, he was of the mindset that "it's not for me to say" whether or not Belly made the right choice.

"I think of course she did. If someone is following their heart I don't think they can be making a wrong decision," he said. "... I think it's not for me to judge someone else's decision, even if it's a character."

Tung likewise opted to stay mum about her personal feelings on Belly's choice, only noting, "I'm always firmly Team Belly and I think in this moment Belly's Team Jeremiah, so do with that what you will."

The rest of the cast had their own thoughts on the love triangle situation, with Sean Kaufman, who plays Belly's brother, Steven, telling ET that he's "team little sis finding happiness."

Rain Spencer, who plays Taylor, Belly's best friend and Steven's love interest, was less coy about Belly's choice, joining her character in the Team Jeremiah camp.

"I'm pro Jeremiah. I love it," Spencer said. "I just think that it's a more secure situation. I think that he's not going to do her wrong. It's so important to be best friends with the person that you're also in love with. I think they could have that."

Elsie Fisher, who plays the boys' cousin, Skye, disagreed.

"I've got nothing against Jeremiah. He's a wonderful boy," Fisher said. "I just feel it in my gut -- there's something about Conrad and Belly. I think that's what Belly feels too."

David Iacono, the actor behind Cam Cameron, was of a similar mindset, telling ET, "If I was friends with Belly I'd be like, 'Go Jeremiah.' I mean, he's obviously the smarter, more safe choice. But as a fan of the show and a fan of star-crossed lovers and Shakespearean tropes, I think Belly and Conrad is the move."

Jackie Chung, who plays Belly and Steven's mom, Laurel, flat out said she "will not choose" between the brothers.

"However, I do see why she would choose him at this point," she said. "Jeremiah is very supportive and dependable, and also so cute. I can understand where her mind is right now."

The other mom in the series, Rebecca Blanchard's Susannah, likewise said that she "can't choose between my boys."

"I think she's young. It's the time to explore. She's got to go where her heart takes or it could end up being someone entirely different at the end," Conrad and Jeremiah's onscreen mom said. "... I think that's what that time in your life is about. You better do it then instead of when you're 30, because it's the time for it. It's a time of growth and it's a time to find out who you are. Part of that is being with different people and seeing different sides of yourself."

As for fans who think Belly picked the wrong brother, Briney had some words of comfort.

"You've read the books," Briney said of Jenny Han's novels on which the show is based. "There's still a whole other book to this story, so I hope we get to explore that."

Explore that they will as The Summer I Turned Pretty was officially renewed for season 3 earlier this month, and is expected to be based off of Han's third and final novel in the series, We'll Always Have Summer.

The first two seasons of The Summer I Turned Pretty are now streaming on Prime Video.

This interview was done prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike, which began on July 13, 2023.