Jamie Foxx Gets Emotional About First Father's Day Since Health Scare: 'We've Been Through a Lot'

In a preview of Tuesday's episode of 'Beat Shazam,' Corinne Foxx takes a moment to give her dad, Jamie, a sweet Father's Day shout-out.

Jamie Foxx is feeling emotional ahead of Father's Day. The 56-year-old actor will ring in the holiday for the first time since he was hospitalized and recovered from an unspecified medical emergency a year ago, and in a preview of Tuesday's episode of Beat Shazam, his daughter, Corinne Foxx, takes a moment to give him a sweet Father's Day shout-out to celebrate the special occasion.

In the preview, Corinne tells her father that although they have a tradition of him telling jokes about "how expensive kids are" and getting emotional, she's decided to do away with custom for something new, "so you can keep your composure."

"I'm just going to show you something instead," the 30-year-old says as a photo of her as a little girl with Jamie pops up on the big screen.

"It really means a lot this year because we have been through a lot, we've been through a lot," Jamie responds after hugging his eldest daughter. 

Jamie and Corinne Foxx returned as the host and DJ of 'Beat Shazam' in May - Fox

"You're 100 percent right, we've been through so much and this is a very special Father's Day for a lot of reasons but most importantly because you're here, Dad, and we're working together, we're doing what we love together," Corrine tells Jamie before a photo of her and her younger sister, 15-year-old Anelise.

Corinne continues, "Me and Anelise look up to you so much, we are so grateful for everything that you do for us. You go above and beyond for your family -- you guys truly don't even know how generous this man is, he really goes above and beyond for us. And you deserve the world, Dad." 

Jamie can't help but get emotional as the two share a sweet embrace to cement the loving moment. 

Watch the full clip below.

Corinne and Jamie returned to their hosting duties for the seventh season of Beat Shazam in May, a year after an undisclosed medical emergency left him hospitalized. 

News of Jamie's hospitalization was shared in April 2023. The nature of his medical emergency was never revealed, though Corinne spoke out to shut down speculation on the actor's health

Nick Cannon and Kelly Osbourne stepped in as the host and resident DJ while Jamie was hospitalized for the show's sixth season. In addition to Beat Shazam, Jamie was replaced by Anthony Anderson as the host of the 2023 Emmys. The actor also took time away from his film, Back in Action

In July, Jamie tearfully spoke directly to his fans in a video shared on Instagram, where he did not disclose the reason for his hospitalization, but shared his gratitude to his daughter, sister, and medical professionals. The Django Unchained star also declared he was back to work. 

Jamie made good on his promise by returning to the red carpet and marking his first public appearance in December 2023. In January, the GRAMMY-winning star resumed filming alongside Cameron Diaz for Back in Action

The family celebrated even more happy news when Corinne announced her engagement to her longtime love, Joe Hooten, in December

While the exact beginning of Corinne and Joe's relationship remains shrouded in mystery, it is known that the pair both attended the University of Southern California and crossed paths in 2018, according to reports by Page Six.

Last month, the Beat Shazam resident DJ told ET that the couple's wedding plans are already underway

"We're in the thick of it right now," Corinne shared. "But luckily my fiancé wants to be involved and it's a good thing. But then when he starts doing the registry on his own, you're like, 'You don't know what pots and pans that we need.' I'm very lucky to have a fiancé who wants to help." 

The excitement is coming from all angles as Corinne revealed that Jamie has a lot of feelings and plans for the big day.

"My dad is also very excited," she said about her Oscar-winning father. "He has all these visions and dreams for it that I'm like, 'OK, Dad, you might have to scale it down a little bit.'" 

She added, "He's emotional, he can't event think about it without crying. I hope we can make it down the aisle and through the dance and then he can cry as much as he wants." 

Corinne said that her father won't be a ball of emotion the whole time. In fact, her guests can expect him to get the party started -- and keep it going. 

"He loves a good party," she said when asked if he'll perform or DJ. "So there's no way that he's not up there and doing "Blame It" or "Gold Digger" at some point. It just has to happen." 

Beat Shazam airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.