Jennifer Lopez's Hair Care Kit That Targets Thin Hair Is On Sale for 46% Off

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Jennifer Lopez + Hers Hair Care Partnership

Jennifer Lopez knows a thing or two (or 12) about fashion, beauty and hair care. The singer and actress has rocked a ton of different hairstyles over the years, and she has even started her own beauty brand, JLo Beauty. The star has given us more than enough inspiration to emulate her glowy skin care routine, and now she's saving our scalps and wallets with a deal on the Hers Complete Hair Kit.

Between natural hormone fluctuations, oil build-up, stress and environmental factors, hair loss and thinning hair aren't exactly uncommon concerns for women. In fact, hair loss is pretty normal for women. More than 50% of women encounter hair loss at some point in their lives, according to the Cleveland Clinic

Thankfully, the J.Lo-backed Complete Hair Kit helps repair damaged hair — including hair loss and excessive shedding. It's just an added bonus that the kit is currently on sale for 25% off at Hers and 46% off at Target.

The Complete Hair Kit contains a bundle of essentials that will keep your hair and scalp healthy. Hair regrowth treatment, triple threat shampoo, triple threat conditioner and biotin builder gummies are all included in the kit. 

$74$55 AT HERS
$74$40 AT TARGET

J.Lo partnered with Hers to create hair care products for women who experience hair loss or hair thinning. Throughout the partnership, Lopez has been a spokesperson for the women's health brand. The Hers + J.Lo collaboration has produced a hair care collection that promotes hair health and focuses on preventing hair loss.

The aptly named Triple Threat Shampoo is a tri-ingredient formula that prevents over-shedding by strengthening the bonds of your hair follicles. So, how does this simple shampoo accomplish so much? By reducing the amount of sebum. According to the brand, "too much [sebum] on your scalp can shrink hair follicles and lead to hair loss and excess shedding."

With ingredients like minoxidil and biotin, the Complete Hair Kit is sebum, hair loss and flaky scalp's worse nightmare -- which is good news for our hair follicles. Hers notes that minoxidil specifically treats hair loss in women. There are numerous medical studies on the benefits of topical minoxidil treatments for hair disorders, such as androgenic alopecia. In fact, topical minoxidil is FDA-approved to treat hair loss and similar hair disorders. 

Besides FDA-approved ingredients, the Hers + J.Lo's collaboration promotes healthy hair starting at the scalp. If you take the Hers hair quiz and subscribe to Hers monthly kits, you can make sure you never run out of your go-to hair or skin essentials. 

If you want to want to boost your hair regime, shop some of the other J.Lo-approved hair care products below.  

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