Jessica Simpson Gives Birth to Baby No. 3

Jessica Simpson has given birth to her third child, daughter Birdie!

Jessica Simpson has given birth to her third child, daughter Birdie!

The 38-year-old star and her husband, Eric Johnson, welcomed their baby girl on Tuesday via a scheduled c section, ET can confirm. Birdie Mae Johnson weighed in at 10 lbs., 13 oz.

Simpson shared the news on Instagram along with a sweet photo.

Her father, Joe Simpson, also tweeted the news on Wednesday. Joe has since deleted the tweet.

"I want to announce the birth of my grand daughter 'Birdie,'" Joe's tweet read. "Everyone is great. We are so blessed."

Simpson announced she was pregnant last September. She and 39-year-old Johnson are also parents to 6-year-old daughter Maxwell and 5-year-old son Ace.

"This little baby girl will make us a family of five," she wrote on Instagram alongside pictures from her gender reveal. "We couldn’t be happier to announce this precious blessing of life."

But it hasn't been an easy pregnancy for Simpson. In January, she Instagrammed a photo of her severely swollen feet, asking her fans for any remedies. Later, she revealed more health issues when she posted an Instagram selfie.

"After a month of sciatica pain, followed by 3 weeks of Bronchitis, I figured since my feet fit in my sneaks today  I needed to walk out a lot of anxiety!!" she wrote. 

"Walking in the rain to fight insomnia," she also posted.

 Simpson celebrated her baby shower in January, where her baby name was revealed thanks to the decoration.

"She just loved the name [Birdie] and thought it was so sweet," a source told ET about Simpson's choice, adding that Birdie is a family name. 

On Tuesday, Simpson shared her latest pregnancy pic, and looked more than ready to give birth.

"Jess-tation," she joked.

Simpson spoke to ET last October, where she said she was definitely having pregnancy cravings.

"I crave everything!" she confessed. "It's like, with a girl, I just want, like, Pop-Tarts and cinnamon rolls and cinnamon gummy bears and sour cherries. Bring it on!" 

"I kind of just, like, go with it," she said of being pregnant. "I go with the waddle -- Immediately when I found out I was pregnant, I was like, stick the stomach out, pop the hips out and waddle. Just own the waddle." 

She also shared how Maxwell and Ace felt about getting a baby sister.

"They're so excited because they're only 14 months apart, so they didn't get to experience the excitement of each other," Simpson shared. "But when I told them that we're having another baby, I know that they'll remember that for the rest of their lives."

"They are most excited about learning how to do the swaddle," she continued. "Maxwell, my daughter, is just so happy that it's a girl. They ask me the craziest questions that I can't say on TV ... 'How does the baby come out?' 'Where does the milk come from, I don't understand!'"

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