'Riverdale' Boss Reveals Why Veronica's Varchie 'Endgame' Comment Was Removed From Premiere (Exclusive)

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'Riverdale's third season premiered on The CW, but an important line that was cut from the episode might have Varchie fans worried!

So, are Veronica and Archie endgame or not?

Riverdale’s third season premiered tonight on The CW, but an important line that ended up on the cutting room floor might have Varchie fans worried about the couple's long-term fate.

In one trailer that The CW released to promote season three, Veronica Lodge was seen arguing with her father, Hiram, about her strong relationship with Archie Andrews. “We will survive whatever you have planned because we are endgame,” she passionately declared in the 30-second teaser.

However, when fans tuned into the premiere episode on Wednesday night, Veronica’s “endgame” line was noticeably absent during that same scene with Hiram at the dining room table.

So why was this quick line removed from the final edition of the episode? ET called up Riverdale executive producer and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to ask him that very question and to our surprise, he initially didn’t realize the “endgame” line was missing.

“Wait, was it removed from the episode? Oh my gosh!” he exclaimed over the phone to ET earlier this month after we had watched the press-cut of the premiere. “Well, I think it could have been two things: One is, Veronica’s passion is clear. Two is, it could be it’s a sentiment that we echo in subsequent episodes. So it could be those two reasons – but it certainly is not because Varchie is not endgame.”

When asked why the term “endgame” was included in the original draft of dialogue, Aguirre-Sacasa explained it’s because Veronica believes strongly in her relationship with Archie.

“Veronica is the type of character who says what she believes and says what’s on her mind,” he said, “She says it, usually, emphatically and she believes that. She fights for that and for them really, really passionately.”

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But passion can only take you so far!

Veronica and Archie certainly have an interesting romantic road ahead of them this season. At the end of the season three premiere, Archie – having pleaded guilty to a lesser sentence of manslaughter – was handcuffed and en route to a juvenile detention center.

“Listen, they are in trouble,” Aguirre-Sacasa said of the Varchie relationship in season three. “Archie is facing potential time in juvie hall and very early on, there’s the question of, ‘If Archie goes away, are Archie and Veronica going to break up?’”

“I think both of them are really, really crazy about each other and are in love with each other and I think neither of them wants that to happen,” he continued. “They’re going to fight against that and they’re going to fight to stay together as hard as they can, but there are going to be certain realities that you just kind of can’t work around.”

The Riverdale creator added, “So you can tell Varchie fans that they are fighting to stay together – and if the ship does go down, they will go down fighting because these two are crazy about each other and they just won’t let go of each other.” 

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