'Sister Wives' Sneak Peek: Janelle Considers Moving Away After Kody Split (Exclusive)

Christine also says she's 'furious' with her ex over his treatment of Janelle's youngest daughter.

Janelle Brown is considering her future after her split from Kody Brown. In ET's exclusive sneak peek clip from Sunday's episode of Sister Wives, Janelle and Christine Brown are talking about Janelle's options in the wake of her explosive fight from Kody at the holidays. 

"I've thought about Salt Lake," Janelle tells Christine, admitting that she's not sure if she really knows people in Utah now. 

"There's still some people that you know now that live there. I'm just saying," Christine, who relocated from Flagstaff, Arizona, to Utah in 2021 after her own split from Kody, quips. 

Janelle goes on to explain in her confessional interview that in plural marriage, they call a split or divorce a "release," noting that she does not intend to get one overnight. 

"Depending on what happens with Kody, I don't know," Janelle admits. "But I thought, maybe I could just move back to Utah. I could plug into a church or a religious community."

Janelle and Christine also discuss the fact that Kody has not reached out to his and Janelle's youngest daughter, Savanah Brown, since her birthday. 


"Savanah's birthday's the beginning of December. It's the middle of January," Christine angrily explains in her confessional interview. "He lives a half an hour away. He comes into town. It's just this pattern that he has. Why are they still living here? Why? Why stay in this? I'm so mad and so furious at this whole situation. I don't think he understands how easy it would be to fix this. All he needs to do is, god, see his kids."

But Kody seems to think that the responsibility lies with his kids and their moms to help fix the tension in the family. 

"Christine and Janelle have kind of banded together with this whole thing and basically shattered my world. I'm in this place where I'm separated from my children because they kicked me out of my home," he says. "I haven't had the emotional fortitude to be able to reach out, not even knowing what to do or say. The phone goes both ways. The kids can always call me." 

Kody, who spent the holidays with his wife, Robyn Brown, and their kids, adds of Savanah, "I'll reach out to Savanah and bring her Christmas. It'll be late, but eventually that will happen."


Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown have all separately confirmed in recent years that they are no longer married to Kody. His only remaining wife is Robyn, whom his older children and exes have claimed to be his "favorite" wife.

New episodes of Sister Wives air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.