The 24 Best Apple AirTag Holders We've Found So Far

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Apple AirTag Accessories
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ICYMI: Apple's AirTags make keeping track of everything so much easier. But, like any other Apple device, AirTags needs a bit of protecting, too.

The Apple AirTag is a bluetooth tracker you can attach to, well, anything. And those who tend to forget where their keys might be around the house or want to keep a close eye on their wallets, bags, or other items will love having these sleek discs in their arsenal. But here's the catch: you'll need a key ring, keychain or another type of accessory to attach the Apple AirTag disc to your belongings (that is, if you aren't simply throwing it into something like a purse, a suitcase or a gym bag).

Use this nifty disc to keep track of your luggage, cell phone, purse and even your pet. They're $29 for one or get a pack of four for $99 at Amazon. 

To make things easy for you, the Apple Store launched a leather key ring for $35 that comes in colors like baltic blue, saddle brown, and red (you can get these on Amazon). But in case you want something outside of that color range to go with the new tracking device, there are plenty of other Apple AirTag accessories and holders that'll add another touch of personalization to your everyday look.

In a similar fashion of creating chic accessories to accompany an Apple product like the iPhone, the iPad or the Apple Watch, different brands have already started creating AirTag accessory styles to add a little oomph to your latest tech pieces. So, whether you want to sport your Apple AirTag like a high-tech bag charm, a sleek leather keychain or an added luggage tag, there's bound to be an AirTag case to go with your style.

To show you just what we mean, we've pulled our favorite AirTag accessories and holders worth adding to your cart, below.

Apple AirTag Accessories

When it comes to getting the best accessory products for your Apple product, why not go straight to the source? Apple launched a leather key chain style AirTag holder that'll be perfect for holding your keys.

If you just got this latest Apple device, add this sleek leather loop Apple AirTag case into the mix while you're at it.

Brighten up the strap of your luggage or gym bag with this polyurethane option from Apple.

Other AirTag Accessories

If you have a habit of misplacing your wallet, this AirTag wallet may reduce a few future headaches. This one is a slim, minimalist wallet designed for a front pocket and has an AirTag holder built in. 

You probably have different case needs for all your different airtags. This variety pack of airtag protectors gives all the options. 

Whether you use it with your keychain or on your dog's collar, pretty pastels and heart shapes make tagging more fun. 
$8 (REGULARLY $11)

This sleek black AirTag holder comes with a clip, which makes it easy to attach to your pet's collar, a backpack, travel wallet or whatever you take on road trips or airplane rides.

This pet tag for the Apple AirTag hangs from your pet's collar like a normal pet ID tag would except the Apple AirTag can help locate your pet if they ever go missing, and for an additional $20, Nomad will customize the tag with your pet's name and your phone number.

You don't have to be a dog lover to appreciate the cuteness of this keyring airtag case.

These are about as cute as leather airtag holders get. 

You probably can't see this AirTag mount, but that's the point. It's hidden so thieves won't know it can be tracked! 

We love this sleek and simple silicone case, which is available for $7.

This silicone protective case can easily be used for your pet's collar or pet loop holder. It's flush with the collar so your little furry friend won't even know it's there.

This one is designed to handle a lot of wear and tear. 

This protective case for AirTags will make you smile, but not just because it's cute. Instead of a silicone case, it's made with recycled materials. Earth will thank you. 

Better than an airtag keychain, never lose your fave shades thanks to the AirTag glasses strap from Nomad.
$35 (REGULARLY $40)

Airtag holders don't have to be round! 

Mix and match colors for your airtag holders starting at $5 at Walmart.

The BRG Airtags Case provides rugged armor designed with six shockproof corners and is crafted with high-quality silicone to provide a strong cushioning to protect your AirTag against bumps and scratches.

Even if you're not an avo fan, you won't be able to resist just how adorable this AirTag keychain is. The price is pretty cute, too. 

The major feature of the Belkin secure holder is the raised edges to guard against scratches, but it also has a keychain ring to make it easy to attach to whatever it is you don't want to lose!

This durable leather tag -- which is also available in vegan leather -- will slip on easily to a strap like your pet's collar.

These airtag cases are made of scratch resistant silicone and come in a variety of colors to choose from to keep your ios device protected in style. 

If you're a pet parent, you're not going to find airtag cases cuter than these. 


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