The Best Houseplants You Can Buy Online to Bring Spring Indoors

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The Best Houseplants

Plant enthusiasts know indoor plants can bring life into a home. And the joy of nurturing a small plant as you watch it sprout new leaves can be quite rewarding. While many people may be apprehensive about purchasing a plant, caring for them is easier than you think, even if you don't have a natural green thumb.

Whether you're a plant novice or an expert gardener, a houseplant that's easy to take care of is always a plus. Finding a gorgeous plant that isn't picky about lighting and doesn't need to be watered constantly is a true win because you'll enjoy leafy foliage for years without a ton of leg work.

Ahead, we've gathered the most popular, easy-to-manage houseplants you can shop around the web. If you're tired of looking at fake plants and ready for a living bundle of leafy joy, choose from one of the options below. But know this: Getting a great plant and watching it grow is addictive. There's a good chance that in addition to becoming a bonafide plant parent, you'll soon have a house full of greenery.

The Best Plants for Beginners

Ready to take the plunge into the world of plant ownership? Start with these hearty plants that are happy with weekly waterings and a bit of sunshine. 

This versatile vine plant (perfect as a hanging plant, too), known for its heart-shaped leaf, can do well in either bright, indirect light or low light. It can even tolerate fluorescent lighting. Use a pot with holes to set inside your disco ball so the potting soil is completely drained and dry between waterings. 


This green and yellow plant, also called the sansevieria trifasciata, is another crowd pleaser — it looks chic and helps reduce allergens. Place the snake plant in indirect sunlight. Watering should happen only when the soil is dry. 


The popular air-purifying ZZ plant is known for its waxy green leaves. It's a great option for new plant parents as it still thrives in low to medium indirect light, not direct sunlight. 


Best Plants for Pet Owners

Many plants are toxic to pets, so if you own a fuzzy friend that munches on things they shouldn't, consider these pet-friendly houseplants.

Reaching a height of up to eight feet, this bamboo palm is a statement maker. And if you have a feline that likes to chew on leaves, the bamboo palm is non-toxic and pet friendly. 


Why not give them a plant all of their own? This grass that comes in a decorative box from Chewy is made just for cats.


Why get one plant when you could get four enchanting plants? The Lucky Pet Collection from Lively Root offers two Bromeliad plants and two Money Tree plants.


Best Low-Maintenance Plants

Not sure about the commitment it takes to own plants? These plants require less water than your traditional plants, just be sure to give them enough sunlight. 

Aloe vera is a useful plant to have in the house for its anti-inflammatory healing properties that alleviate burns and wounds on the skin. This succulent is also easy to take care of. Water every two to four weeks and keep it in either direct or indirect light. 


If you love easygoing succulents, try this stylish succulent garden to place near windows for full sunlight. Only water when you notice the soil is completely dry. 


Get a trio of different succulents already planted in adorable pots with this assortment from The Sill. 


Best Plants for Experienced Plant Parents

You've kept your pothos alive for a while now and you're ready for something a bit more challenging. While these plants are still pretty easygoing, they may require more watering and be pickier about lighting conditions.

The red prayer plant is a fantastic choice if you want more color in your space. Keep the vibrant plant in low to partial light and mist the leaves once a week, while keeping the soil damp.


Add good vibes for fortune and prosperity with the money tree. For lighting, keep the lucky plant in bright, indirect light. It loves humidity, but let the soil dry out before watering. 


Only requiring three ice cubs a week (or a light watering if you prefer not to give your plant a chill), this beautiful orchid duo from BloomsyBox is easier to care for than you'd expect. It's gorgeous flowers and sleek, white pot will highlight any windowsill or brightly-lit table it's placed on.



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