Travis Barker Surprises 9-Year-Old Blind Drummer at Lemonade Stand and They Jam Together

The Blink-182 drummer and Grayson Roberts also jammed together!

Travis Barker's never too busy to make time for a talented young fan.

The Blink-182 drummer on Friday made a surprise visit to 9-year-old blind drummer Grayson Roberts' lemonade stand held at the Dream Factory social space in Los Angeles. He went viral after social media star Charlie Rocket shared to his more than one million Instagram followers that the young fella had no customers at his lemonade stand earlier this week.

A source exclusively tells ET that Barker heard about Friday's event through social media and his son Landon’s friend, Mikey Tua. Even with one day’s notice and a prior work obligation, the source said Barker really wanted to attend Grayson's event and show him some love, and he made it happen.

When Barker arrived -- sans pregnant wife Kourtney Kardashian -- attendees and Grayson were in awe.

"Everyone was shocked Travis Barker was there," an eyewitness tells ET. "It was a huge inspiration for Grayson."

Barker donated a generous amount of money and even gifted Grayson with a set of drumsticks. As documented on Grayson's social media, Barker's asked if he'd be down to join him for an impromptu jam session. And, without hesitation, Barker obliged!

Courtesy of Jeffrey Neubauer

You can see Barker keeping a steady beat on the drum set while Grayson, who is a huge Stevie Wonder fan, belted out the vocals. 

"Travis is so great with kids and to see the way he interacted with Greyson was truly awesome," the eyewitness added.

The event was a huge success, after word quickly spread on social media about Grayson's lemonade stand. Less than a week ago, Charlie Rocket posted the video showing Grayson outside of his house at his lemonade stand. 

"But he has no customers," Rocket shared.

Rocket added, "[L]et’s help him!!! He’s just so precious. If u wanna help him with me, Leave a comment and we can figure out something we can all do for him!"

Mission accomplished.