Twitter Reacts After Selena Gomez Releases 'Lose You To Love Me' - All the Lyrics Fans Think Are About Jelena

Fans think they know what Gomez's new song is really all about.

Selena Gomez dropped her new single, and an emotional new music video, on Tuesday, and some fans think it's all about her past romance with Justin Bieber.

Following the premiere of "Lose You To Love Me," it didn't take long for fans to flood Twitter with theories regarding the song's lyrics -- specifically, how they are possibly filled with references to her former flame.

Some fans think the song is about Gomez moving on from their failed relationship -- which ended quite some time ago -- or that the new track is about her coming to terms with Bieber's marriage to Hailey Bieber.

This, in turn, means the song has been interpreted by many as a savage burn towards Bieber, given the references in the track to a former lover who misled and hurt the narrator, which most fans assume is Gomez herself.

Some particularly accusatory lines in the new song include, "You promised the world and I fell for it/ I put you first and you adored it/ Set fires to my forest/ And you let it burn."

Meanwhile, Jelena fans are pointing to a few lyrics specifically that they claim could be in reference to the "Sorry" singer, including, "I saw the signs and I ignored it/ Rose-colored glasses all distorted/ Set fire to my purpose/ And I let it burn." The connection being Bieber's most recent album, released in 2015, was also titled Purpose.

Additionally, one line that seems to really lend credence to the claims comes when Gomez sings, "You turned me down and now it's showing/In two months, you replaced us/Like it was easy."

Bieber and Gomez rekindled their romance in late 2017, immediately after she broke off her relationship with The Weeknd. Things went strong for Jelena 2.0 for a while, but they called it quits in March 2018. By July 2018, Bieber had gotten engaged to his future wife.

In a press release for the new track, Gomez vaguely addressed the impetus for the song, sharing, "This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I thought it was important to share the music, as I know many can relate to the fact that the road to self-discovery generally comes through the scars in one’s life."

Meanwhile, shortly after the release of the new song, Gomez shared a lengthy post to her Instagram story, thanking Jesus for giving her strength in challenging times.

Selena Gomez/Instagram

"See the enemy keeps trying to tear me down and it's not gonna happen," Gomez wrote. "Not today. Not the next..."

For more on Gomez's new and upcoming music, check out the video below.