Watch a King's Guard Scream at a Tourist Outside Buckingham Palace: 'Do Not Touch!'

King's Guard

The king's guard didn't appreciate the close encounter.

Here's some free advice to future Buckingham Palace visitors: When approaching a King's Guard, do not touch them! That's the lesson one woman learned when she recently visited the palace in London.

In a TikTok video posted Friday by The Independent, you can see a woman approaching the guard in her attempt to take a photo with him. Problem is, she got a little too close to the guard. In fact, so close that she appeared to have made some kind of contact with him, which clearly didn't sit well with the guard.

You can see that as soon as she makes contact with him, the guardsman goes into motion and shouts in her face, "Do not touch the king's life guard!" The woman's absolutely stunned by the guard's reaction, as those within her vicinity.

While some have questioned if the guard's reaction was a tad extreme, others have been running to his defense saying he was just following guard protocol. One person commented on the TikTok video, "She deserves be yell by The Kings Guards. everyone should show respect to these royal guards, no matter you are tourist or not."

Another person said, "1. Respect personal space 2.Respect others culture 3. This same principle applies to The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier 4. This is not Disney."

Probably a good lesson to keep in mind for those looking to attend next month's coronation ceremony in London.