‘RHOD’: Watch LeeAnne Locken and D’Andra Simmons Nearly Come to Blows (Exclusive)

LeeAnne Locken and D'Andra Simmons nearly come to blows on 'The Real Housewives of Dallas.'

The ladies’ trip to Copenhagen, Denmark takes an unexpected term after Kameron Westcott gets emotional over D’Andra’s “butt darts.”

Butt darts are really becoming a pain in the a** for D’Andra Simmons.

Real Housewives of Dallas devotees will recall the ladies’ trip to Beaver Creek, Colorado, earlier this season, in which D’Andra and LeeAnne Locken went head-to-head in a beauty pageant with the end-goal of being crowned, queen of the group. When it came time for the talent portion, D’Andra showed off the power of her rear by holding a coffee pod between her cheeks and aiming it at a target, introducing us all to the concept of “butt darts.”

Apparently, that moment is burned in Kameron Westcott’s brain; she was so offended by the act that she confided in her mother-in-law, Jimmy, about it. That led Jimmy and Kameron to confront D’Andra over “what people are saying” about her at a cooking party thrown by D’Andra’s mother -- it was a moment D’Andra didn’t take well. And now, the drama has followed the ladies across the world to Copenhagen, Denmark, in ET’s exclusive first look at this week’s episode.

At the start of the sneak peek, Kameron is nearly in tears after a confrontation with D’Andra. LeeAnne has to run after D’Andra to seemingly diffuse the situation, but it isn’t working.

“D’Andra, you’ve been poking at LeeAnne continuously the past few months, but guess what?” Kameron asks. “When LeeAnne is trying to protect a friend, you better watch out.”

D’Andra eventually joins the rest of the women to try and clear the air before bed, but it only makes matters worse.

“I just want to clear something up: when people are talking, and when you and Jimmy were talking…” D’Andra starts before Kameron interjects with, “It was the butt darts!”

“People talk, D’Andra!” LeeAnne chimes in, before continuing in a confessional with, “All this talk from D’Andra about, ‘I don’t care what people say, I just want to be me!’ Bulls**t! You care so much it’s pathetic.”

“So, why are you bringing my mother-in-law into this?” Kameron then asks.

“I’m not!” D’Andra fires back, which makes LeeAnne scoff.

“You are, though!” she tells her bestie-turned-frenemy.

“Shut up!” D’Andra yells. “You stay out of it!”

“Don’t tell me to shut up, and don’t put your f**king finger in my face,” LeeAnne growls back before, almost instinctively, launching up on her feet to tower over D’Andra from the couch. D’Andra puts her hands on LeeAnne, pushing Leanne to raise her arm in a fist, much to the group’s shock.

Watch it all play out here:

Now, viewers will have to tune into The Real Housewives of Dallas on Bravo this Wednesday at its new time, 10 p.m. ET, to see what happens next. What we do know is, this is the same night as LeeAnne’s most quotable moment from the season three trailer: "I'm exhausted! My weave is exhausted. The panty-liner on my underwear is exhausted.”

“Well, that was not even part of a fight, girl!” LeeAnne revealed to ET back in August. “Somebody was literally like, 'Come do something...' and we had literally, that was the first night in Copenhagen, and I was like, I'm not going nowhere. I'm not going to the bar, I ain't going to no strip club. I'm tired! We just flew all day, I changed clothes, we went to dinner…’”

Now, LeeAnne knows that’s an odd way to answer an invitation out.

“You know what it is? I feel like when people push me, I have the reverse reaction,” she shared. “So, instead of just letting them keep pushing me, I just go, OK, I'm gonna tell you I'm exhausted and then I'm going to give you two extreme analogies of my exhaustion so you will just shut up and leave me alone."

And, apparently, she had no idea she had even said it until the trailer dropped!

“Sometimes stuff just flies out, I don't know where it comes from,” she admitted, before pantomiming flies pouring out of her mouth. “Just flies. Just suck 'em all back in. Sadly, I'm better at blowing than sucking. Oops.”