The 10 Best Tablets 2022 for Kids, Students, Artists and More

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Tablets are perfect for anyone who needs a portable computer that's a bit smaller and lighter than a standard laptop. As opposed to smartphones, tablets have a bit more processing power, so you can complete more tasks on a tablet. The extra screen space is also a blessing when it comes to drafting emails or handwriting lecture notes. 

Similar to the world of laptops and smartphones, the tablet ecosystem is really diverse, and it can be difficult to find the right tablet that fits your personal needs and lifestyle. To help make your hunt for the perfect tablet a bit easier, ET has compiled a list of the best tablets to shop for this year. 

Thanks to accessories like styluses and magnetic keyboards, there are very few things you can't do with a tablet. When you pair a tablet with a keyboard cover, you can transform it into a lightweight, ultra-portable pseudo-laptop. If you spend a little extra on a stylus that's compatible with your tablet of choice, you can turn the park into your personal design studio. Otherwise, you can just use your fingertips to draft some nifty notes and annotations during a meeting.  

The variety of tablets on the market ranges from a device's operating system, its battery life, its CPU and even its aesthetic design. While any tablet can mimic a laptop with the help of a magnetic keyboard or a keyboard case, some tablets are actually designed as 2-in-1 devices. These 2-in-1 tablets come with a detachable keyboard, so you can save on buying an additional keyboard. Not to mention, you can use them as a standalone tablet or as a lightweight laptop. 

Whether you need a tablet to make gorgeous illustrations, you want one to pair with a new projector or your kid needs a tablet for their homework, you can find the best tablet for you and your needs below. 

This 2-in-1 tablet comes with a keyboard and functions as a tablet and a laptop. While a stylus isn't included, the USI pen can wireless charge whenever you attach it to the side of the tablet. That cuts down on all the cord clutter. While this tablet comes with two USB-C ports and an SD card tray, it doesn't include a headphone jack. The HP Chromebook x2 11 comes equipt with 2k-resolution, which makes it a nice tablet for watching movies or scrolling through your digital photo albums. 


The Google Pixel Slate has a long battery life. Just one charge can give you 10 to 12 hours of battery life, which makes this perfect for anyone who has a hectic schedule. This tablet also has an interactive touch screen, which doesn't necessarily require a stylus to maneuver all its features. You can hold your finger down on a Google image to save it. Or hold a finger down and drag it across a phrase in a Google Doc to copy a section of text. The Pixel Slate also comes with two USB-C ports, so you can charge your device while you connect and use your mouse to scroll through social media. The ports also come in handy when you need to connect to a USB-C-compatible monitor for some extra screen space. 


The iPad Air is the perfect tablet for anyone who doesn't need the additional screen space, camera capabilities and other features that come with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The Liquid Retina display combined with the two speakers on this iPad Air make it perfect for watching movies or editing photos. Since this model can also pair with Smart Folio or a Magic Keyboard Case, you can easily use it to draft emails or write pages between errands. 


Best Tablets for Kids

This 8.7" tablet is the perfect size for kids, and the storage space makes it perfect for older kids who need to use a tablet for school projects. The Galaxy Tab A7 has some unique functions. For example, you or your kids can use simple hand gestures to open certain apps or to go back to a previous page. You can easily customize this tablet to make it safer for your kids to use. Swipe down on the main screen to open the Quick Panel, then check the Samsung Kids option. This allows you to set up a 4-digit pin so you can set any parental controls you want. From the Samsung Kids panel you can also add any websites you want to allow your kids to use, and block any websites you don't want them visiting -- the same goes for apps. 


While the Tab S6 is a bit more expensive than its A7 counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is an exceptional tablet for older kids. Like similar Samsung tablets, the S6 comes with parental controls so you can monitor your kids' screen time. Plus, you can create multiple profiles on the device and adjust the parental controls accordingly for each profile. If your kid loves to draw, this tablet would make the perfect digital sketchbook when combined with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Stylus Pen. With multiple pressure sensitivity options on the pen, your kids could sketch or take notes with this tablet. 


The 7" display tablet is specifically made for kids. A whole year of Amazon Kids+ is included with this tablet, so your children can read a ton of books, listen to audiobooks and play thousands of interactive and educational games. The Amazon Kids+ subscription will cost $3 every month, after the first free year. 


Best Tablets for Students

In terms of tablets with a lot of storage space, the Lenovo Tab P11 with 128GB and 4GB of RAM is the best budget-friendly option for students. At under $300, you can simultaneously use multiple apps without slowing the tablet down. So, you can listen to music while you type up an essay. You can also enable the Productivity Mode to seamlessly switch between multiple apps as you're juggling different assignments at one time. If you need or want Windows 11 on your tablet, this probably isn't the tablet for you because the Tab P11 isn't compatible with Windows 11. 


While you might not need your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 to create illustrations or designs, the Tab S7 is the best versatile tablet for taking notes in class. When paired with the Tab S7/S7+ Pen, the Tab S7 is great for scribbling out handwritten notes in the Samsung notes app. You can also use the pen stylus to use air commands. Though the stylus is an additional expenditure, you can also use the button on the stylus or gestures to skip through presentation slides, which is great if you have an upcoming PowerPoint Presentation in a class. Thanks to the four speakers on the tablet, it's also a great device for watching movies or listening to music between classes. 


Best Tablets for Artists

When it comes to the Surface Pro 8, you have the opportunity to choose between your CPU. Between the Intel Core i5 and the Core i7, we recommend the Core i7 for any artist. It is a bit more expensive than the Surface Pro 8 models with Core i5 processors, but the Core i7 has a slightly higher clock speed. That means the i7 will give you a higher resolution when processing designs in your favorite illustration software or your favorite mobile game. If you use dozens or even hundreds of layers in Clip Studio Paint or Adobe Photoshop, this extra processing power will come in handy. Overall, the Surface Pro 8 has an upgraded pen when compared to older Surface Pro models. The pen has less lag and more sensitivity, so you can easily transition between line weights without delay. Plus, the smaller side bezels give you a bit more screen space to sketch and edit when compared to the Pro 7. 


Whether you're a professional artist or an art student creating professional-quality work, the iPad Pro's Liquid Retina XDR display is great for creating high-quality illustrations in Procreate or motion graphics in Adobe Spark without worrying about lag or unnecessary pixelization. The extra space on the 12.9-inch model is a nice added bonus if you're used to working with a large Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. The extra screen space makes the transition from using a drawing tablet to a standalone computing tablet a little bit easier. Plus, the quality camera on the iPad Pro makes it perfect for taking reference pictures whenever you need them.



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