'The Summer I Turned Pretty' Fans React to Belly and Conrad's Intimate Fireplace Scene

The second episode featured a big moment between the duo in the Prime Video series and fans had a lot to say about it.

Warning: Do not proceed if you have not watched the first three episodes of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

The Summer I Turned Pretty took things up a notch with the main love triangle in season 2.

The season's second episode, "Love Scene," brought the story back via flashbacks to an impromptu date night between Belly (Lola Tung) and Conrad (Christopher Briney) the previous Christmas. In the present day, Belly and Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno) raced back to Cousins Beach to find Conrad, who had unexpectedly disappeared after engaging in a tense phone call. 

The parallels between then and now weren't lost on Belly, who had a bit of déjà vu (as soundtracked by Olivia Rodrigo's song of the same name) while sitting in the jeep next to Jeremiah as they looked for Conrad. The recollection of a similar, though less tense, car ride with Conrad several months earlier consumed her memory. When Belly and Jeremiah arrived at the Cousins Beach house, after having an intense fight over the state of their friendship and Belly's handling of her short-lived romance with Conrad, what transpired that night with Conrad over Christmastime was revealed.

After setting the mood by lighting the fireplace and making hot cocoa, Belly and Conrad had a few adorably awkward moments as they settled in on the couch making small talk over the hot cocoa and her freckles. Their moment was interrupted when Belly noticed it was starting to snow outside and the two hurried to slip on jackets and snow boots to enjoy the romantic wintery weather on the beach with Taylor Swift's "Invisible String" playing in the background.

John Merrick/Prime Video

Cut to the present day when Belly was conflicted over returning to the Fisher home. "Why does he still have this pull on me? I don't want to see him, and I can't wait for it, all at the same time," her character's internal monologue revealed, solidifying that her feelings for Conrad were far from over.

The scene flashed back to that Christmas evening when Belly and Conrad returned to the house after spending all night out on the snowy beach. Settled in by the flickering fireplace, Conrad reacted to Belly putting her hand on his face to warm him up, commenting that it felt good. "Yeah, because you're cold-hearted," Belly half-joked. "For everyone else, maybe. Not for you," Conrad said, suddenly turning the moment serious. 

The moment was too perfect for Belly to miss the chance as she leaned in for a sweet kiss. Soon, things went from innocent and flirty to heated and romantic as it turned into, cue the episode title, a love scene. When Conrad asked a few times whether Belly wanted to continue or to stop, she let him know it was OK. And the couple slept together for the first time by the fireplace.

Afterward, while Conrad is fast asleep, Belly makes a confession to him, "Conrad, there's only been you. There's only ever been you."

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The scene also comes at a pivotal time in the season, kickstarting the arrival of Kyra Sedgwick and Elsie Fisher's characters. In the present day, after Jeremiah finds Conrad at the summer beach house, Conrad breaks some devastating news: The Cousins Beach house has been put up for sale.

The fireplace scene doesn't play out the same way in author Jenny Han's novels, on which The Summer I Turned Pretty is based. (The new season of the TV show is loosely inspired by the second book, It's Not Summer Without You.) In fact, one of the biggest points from the books is that Belly chooses not to cross that threshold with Conrad or Jeremiah (or any boy for that matter) until she is absolutely sure. The moment between Belly and Conrad in the new season proves to be a major turning point for Belly and intensifies the stakes as the love triangle continues to brew between her and the Fisher brothers with the added threat that they may lose the house forever.

How will this impact the love triangle in the new episodes of the Amazon Studios TV show? See fans' reactions to their romantic season 2 scene below.

The first three episodes of The Summer I Turned Pretty season 2 is streaming now on Prime Video.