'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Says If Christine Is 'Really in Love' With David, She'll Stop 'Trash Talking' Him

Kody says he's happy for his ex finding love after their split.

Kody Brown is all for his ex Christine Brown's happiness, but he hopes that means she'll move on from talking about him and his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown. In the final episode of the Sister Wives: One-on-One special, viewers were introduced to Christine's new husband, David Woolley. And rather than speaking negatively about his ex's new man, Kody seems to be in favor of David. 

"I met David for 15 minutes, had a conversation, a very mild, light conversation. He mostly talked with Robyn and she thought he was very sweet," Kody said. "Christine's chosen him, so I think it's a good match, but I know nothing."

Kody did, however, express his desire that this new relationship would mark the end of Christine "trash talking" him to their shared children. 


"She'll probably, and I hope, be a very good wife for David," Kody said of Christine. "I would think that now that she's in love with David that she should prove that out by never saying another mean thing about Robyn, because that's when I'll believe Christine is in love, is when she doesn't have anything bad to say about Robyn or about me to our children."

Kody doubled down on the sentiment later in the episode.

"What she did was wrong, and I'm happy for her and her life and that she's moving forward and that she's going to find love. I'm happy for that. But I cannot forgive — at least not right now — the fact that she has pit my children against me in a very subtle but real way that bothers me," he said, adding, "If she's really in love, which I hope is the real story, that should all end. Her trash talking me to my children, her trash talking me on this show should all end. Because if she's in love, she should be over it."


As for Christine, she says that meeting David helped her to understand Kody and Robyn's relationship better. 

"I was standing in my kitchen and I thought, this is how Kody feels about Robyn, how I feel about David is how Kody and Robyn feel about each other," Christine recalled. "Oh well, then I would never want to leave. I would never want to go to somebody else's house."

She added of Kody and Robyn, "They deserve to be happy. Go be happy with each other, for goodness sakes, be happy with each other. Let the rest of us go, let us go. Stop being angry. And then we can all get along again once you let it go and stop being mad."

Sister Wives: Talk Back airs Friday, Dec. 22 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.