Things to Do in Quarantine

things to do stuck inside
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Social distancing doesn't have to mean complete boredom. Here's our guide to staying calm and productive in these trying times.

It looks like most of us are going to be spending a lot more time indoors than usual this summer amid health concerns surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. You know that social distancing is the safe, smart way to go -- but at this point, you might be running out of ideas on how to entertain the family. Luckily, there is no shortage of things to do at home.

In addition to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, the best way to cope is by remaining calm, staying comfortable and being productive -- as much as possible. To help you do that, we've been posting about what has been working for us: movies to stream, beauty treatments to try, home office essentials to order and so much more.

Below is our guide to things to do when you're stuck inside. You might want to bookmark this page, as we'll keep updating it with new ideas.

Stay safe out there!

For Your Health:

Where to Buy Face Masks Online Right Now
We update this guide regularly to keep you informed of the places where you can order cloth face masks to wear when you venture outside.

Where to Buy Kids' Face Masks
Simply put, adult-size masks won't fit your little ones. Find an abundance of options for kids' masks in this frequently updated guide.

Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer Online 
Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is another daily necessity to keep your family protected -- and there are plenty of sites that still have it in stock.

The Best Meal Delivery Service for Fresh, Delicious Food
These days, you can get pretty much anything delivered straight to your doorstep -- including the ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For Your Home:

Essentials for Staying Indoors -- How to Keep Things Clean So You Can Stay Calm
Step one: Keep your home and hands clean with disinfecting all-purpose sprays and regular hand washing. Step two: Keep your mind Zen with a white noise machine, an essential oil diffuser, a yoga mat and more. 

Essential Tools for Deep Cleaning Your House
There's spring cleaning and then there's deep cleaning. Mr. Clean himself would be impressed with the results of these hardworking gadgets and products.

Everything You Need to Set Up Your Home Office
If you're new to working from home, it can be tempting to send emails from the couch and just wing your daily schedule. Add a bit of structure with our list of home office basics -- yes, you need a proper desk.

The Best Home Gym Equipment for Your Workout Routine
The perfect setup means you no longer have to pay for a gym membership or personal trainer -- all you need is the right equipment.

Pantry Organization: Ideas and Tips on Keeping Food Storage Tidy
If your pantry has seen better days, our organization ideas might come in real handy right now. 

Best Flower Delivery Service Sites for Any Occasion
Send a bouquet to brighten a loved one's day or spruce up your own place. No special occasion needed!

For Entertainment:

Here Are the Best Movies and TV Shows to Stay In and Stream
Fire up your streaming service of choice and binge to your heart's content -- no judgment. Our current favorites include Frozen 2 on Disney+ (it dropped three months early!), The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime Video, High Fidelity on Hulu, Stranger Things on Netflix and The Morning Show on Apple TV.

The Best True Crime Documentaries to Watch Right Now
We've narrowed down the wide array of options of these expertly executed, addictive documentaries.

Romantic Movies Streaming Guide
Everyone loves a good love story! (Right?)

'Parasite' Is Now on Hulu -- Here's How to Watch
#BongHive, assemble -- and head on over to Hulu! The streaming platform has secured exclusive rights to stream Parasite.

For Style:

Cozy and Stylish Loungewear for When You're Staying In
We love these robes, sweats and joggers that are as comfy as they are cute. (We also love a good sale price.)

The Best Clothing Subscription Boxes: Trunk Club, Frank & Oak and More
Now's the time to check out the convenience of clothing subscription boxes -- and unlock our special offers.

Best Sweatsuit Sets to Keep You Cozy and Chic Inside
Staying in doesn't mean you can't be excited about your outfit.

The Best Tie-Dye Clothing From Nordstrom, Lululemon, Etsy and More
Looking for something cute, comfy and totally unique? Tie-dye clothing is seeing a surge in sales, especially in the form of loungewear.

The Best Leggings for Every Personal Style -- Spanx, Lululemon and More
Technically made for fitness activities like yoga or running, leggings can also make a serious style statement.

For Beauty:

Easy Beauty Treatments You Can Do Right at Home
We miss the salon and spa too, but luckily some treatments can replicate those luxurious services without leaving the house.

The Best Root Touch-Up Products for Extending Salon Color
To hold you over until your next hair appointment, try these at-home root touch-up products.

These Shampoos Will Keep Your Hair Color Looking Vibrant
Want to extend the life of a hair-coloring session at the salon? You might need to switch out your shampoo.

The Best Gel Nail Kits for At-Home Manicures
Great news: It's now easier than ever to score a flawless DIY manicure or pedicure from your couch, and there are tons of starter kit options available online.

Everything You Need for a Salon Pedicure at Home
A good pedicure can put a little pep in your step -- here's how to do it at home.

Botox Alternatives: The Best Anti-Aging Skincare Products
Ready for a facial refresh in the form of creams, serums and oils? Shop our top alternatives to Botox injections.

Our Favorite Lash Serums for Longer, Fuller Eyelashes
Whether your natural lashes are short and sparse or eyelash extensions have left you feeling a little naked around your eyes, some of us could use a little boost on our fringe.

Cutting Your Own Hair at Home: Tips From a Celebrity Hairstylist
ET caught up with celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko, whose star-studded clientele includes Gigi Hadid, Hailee Steinfeld and Emma Chamberlain, on her tips and tricks on giving yourself a trim at home.

Halle Berry's Skincare Routine: Shop Her At-Home Facial Favorites
"If you guys know, you know that I love a good facial and that skincare has been a big part of my regime since I was 16 years old. I do it twice a day religiously. I never miss a day," Berry says.

The Best Teeth Whitening Products for 2020
Whether you want to whiten your smile gradually or brighten up in one long sitting, there's a DIY at-home bleaching kit out there for you.

For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the World Health Organization website