Where to Buy Selena Gomez's Rainbow Knives From the Cooking Show 'Selena + Chef'

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Selena Gomez in 'Selena + Chef'

Selena Gomez may be the star of her at-home cooking series, Selena + Chef, on HBO Max. But the breakout is a dazzling set of rainbow colored knives she uses in the kitchen, which are on sale at Amazon right now. And this holiday shopping season, you can grab a set for yourself or anyone on your Christmas gift list for under $60. 

The “premium and eye catching knives set” from Marco Almond consist of stainless steel blades coated in titanium, which creates the rainbow effect. Paired with the teal blue ergonomic handles, the stylish knife set is not just a useful tool, it’s also a piece of decor that brightens up any kitchen. In Gomez’s case, her knife set pops in her largely neutral kitchen design, which shows how clean, slick and modern her space is. 

Available via Amazon, the Marco Almond Rainbow Titanium Cutlery Knife Set ($69.99) includes 14 pieces: a chef knife, slicing knife, bread knife, Santoku knife, utility knife, paring knife, six steak knives and all-purpose kitchen shears encased in a wooden butcher block. Plus, they're dishwasher safe!

Marco Almond

The “finely sharpened blades” are suited for any cutting job, including the ultimate test: slicing a piece of paper, which guest star Chef Ludo Lefebvre has Gomez demonstrate with one of her knives in the premiere episode of the series. 

Impressed her knives are up to his standards, Lefebvre says in astonishment, “Selena, I’ve never seen blue knives like that.” 

Lefebvre is one of several world-renowned chefs that appear on the series, helping Gomez master various cuisines, learn tips and tricks of home cooking, and make meals work given various constraints of the coronavirus pandemic. The chef is also not alone in pointing out the knives.

Selena Gomez in 'Selena + Chef'

The first three episodes also see Antonia Lofaso and Candice Kumai showing the singer how to cook unexpected meals. And they, like Lefebvre, are impressed by kitchen tools. 

“I love your knives by the way. So cool… They look beautiful,” Kumai tells Gomez, who responds by saying that she’s been getting so many compliments on them. In another episode, when asked if she likes Gomez’s set, Lofaso says, “I do. It’s like a Coachella knife.” 

While speaking with ET, the former Top Chef contestant explains why the knives caught the attention of all the guest chefs on the show. “You know, chefs, we like to poke fun at people. I just don't know what it is about us,” Lofaso says. 

Selena Gomez in 'Selena + Chef'

She continues by saying, “I can't speak for anyone else, but when you see knives that have these striking colors or whatever, it always interests me because it's a kitchen tool. So for us, it's not really meant to be decorated. It's meant to be something that we use very seriously and that we use all the time. So when we see blue knives, I'm like, ‘Wow. Where'd you get that?’ You know what I mean?”

Earlier, when promoting the series via a virtual presentation for HBO Max, Gomez told reporters that “Luda made fun of me a lot,” while adding that the show is meant to be lighthearted amid everything else going on in the real world. She added that she hopes “this is something that will make people smile.” 

Selena + Chef is now streaming on HBO Max. And if you're looking for more kitchen tools, check out our list of kitchen gadgets we found on Tiktok. 


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